Summary of diagnostic accuracy of tests compared to a DBPCFC by allergen

StudyAllergen (any type of reaction)TestsSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)PPV (%)NPV (%)
Isolauri 1996161Cow’s milkAtopy patch + skin prick (in parallel)8672NRNR
Cow’s milkAtopy patch + skin prick (serially)2494NRNR
Roehr 2001165Cow’s milkAtopy patch + skin prick7410010074
Cow’s milkAtopy patch + IgE7910010064
Cow’s milkSkin prick + IgE85568360
Cow’s milkAtopy patch + skin prick + IgE8110010067
EggAtopy patch + skin prick84899473
EggAtopy patch + IgE94839483
EggSkin prick + IgE96438675
EggAtopy patch + skin prick + IgE94759475
WheatAtopy patch + skin prick86909282
WheatAtopy patch + IgE92899289
WheatSkin prick + IgE71506360
WheatAtopy patch + skin prick + IgE91869186
SoyAtopy patch + skin prick6710010094
SoyAtopy patch + IgE1008350100
SoySkin prick + IgE1009150100
SoyAtopy patch + skin prick + IgE100100100100
Mehl 2006181Cow’s milkAtopy patch + skin prick69979286
Cow’s milkAtopy patch +IgE74949083
Cow’s milkAtopy patch + skin prick + IgE82959190
EggAtopy patch + skin prick85899280
EggAtopy patch +IgE91839183
EggAtopy patch + skin prick + IgE92829282
WheatAtopy patch + skin prick43905086
WheatAtopy patch +IgE62816578
WheatAtopy patch + skin prick + IgE60856085
SoyAtopy patch + skin prick14964382
SoyAtopy patch +IgE31852787
SoyAtopy patch + skin prick + IgE20933387

From: Evidence tables

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