Box 3MEMO prescribing data

Drug regimenAnnual totalsAnnual means per patient
DrugFormulationStrengthPatientsScripsDays supplyScripsDays exposure% days coveredDaily dose on RxDaily dose over year
CELECOXIBcapsules100 mg3,27514,323469,0504.414339.218773
DICLOFENAC SODIUMEC tablets50 mg881871.0236.415010
SR capsules75 mg1,1663,06397,4252.68422.913631
SR tablets100 mg8207002.58824.010425
75 mg6622,06079,0073.111932.711237
dispersible tablet50 mg2,3294,591105,7432.04512.414618
dual release capsules75 mg9462,56883,4212.78824.213132
enteric coated tablets25 mg5,92614,993379,9772.56417.67613
50 mg29,045221,5985,622,4217.619453.014778
injection25 mg/ml8071,1012,0151.420.7250
modified release capsule100 mg1,7436,227234,6443.613536.910037
75 mg8,32825,214773,4703.09325.414336
modified release tablet100 mg1,9798,044302,7614.115341.910142
75 mg6,89724,423757,1603.511030.114243
retard capsules100 mg3151,23343,5163.913837.810038
retard tablets100 mg4257006.317547.910048
suppository100 mg1,4463,41669,4712.44813.210013
12.5 mg2553402.120.42481
25 mg601048791.7154.0602
50 mg6011,25416,5412.1287.51028
tablets100 mg3711,45956,4553.915241.710142
25 mg751804,8902.46517.97513
50 mg1,3682,62663,9891.94712.814719
transdermal patch1%57697661.2133.7..
ETORICOXIBtablets120 mg1,1952,87664,6972.45414.812018
60 mg2,5979,836336,6483.813035.56122
90 mg2,0308,055277,6474.013737.59034
IBUPROFENSR cap300 mg6101531.7267.090063
caplets200 mg48519961.1215.763336
capsules300 mg592501.85013.71074147
dissolving tablets200 mg16262931.6185.0120060
granules600 mg28962010,4532.1369.91609159
liquid capsules200 mg1333965,0143.03810.3988102
modified release capsule200 mg44171111,1211.6256.977453
300 mg18340512,7022.26919.0669127
modified release tablet800 mg1,9966,686222,8393.311230.61516464
oral suspension100 mg/5 ml3538.1.1...37
orodispersible tablet200 mg4747306,8591.5144.0107343
retard tablets800 mg24068122,3812.89325.51527390
sugar-free suspension100 mg/5 ml12,81721,337494,4641.73910.671075
syrup100 mg/5 ml6,3438,983220,7171.4359.577374
tablets200 mg9,10720,365474,9082.25214.362389
400 mg23,945129,1163,264,6725.413637.41189444
600 mg6,36517,152472,0492.77420.31749355
800 mg7134521.96517.72031359
tabs200 mg1141.041.1120013
LUMIRACOXIBtabs100 mg22049316,8412.27721.010121
400 mg31384131.2133.740015
NAPROXENenteric coated tablets250 mg1,4814,261140,9112.99526.1543141
tablets375 mg6571,39538,3592.15816.0751120
500 mg3,99112,492378,1063.19526.0993258
tablets250 mg5,54515,272393,1492.87119.4665129
375 mg511434,3402.88523.3754176
500 mg7,56024,596738,1663.39826.8996266

Typically prescribing data does not allow the average dose per day prescribed or the average dose taken by the patient to be calculated. However the Scottish MEMO data allow the daily doses taken by patients while on prescription to be calculated. The data presented here is not split by indication, so for some drugs the figure will be biased upward due to use by rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients, while for others the average might be biased downward due to use by people without arthritis (for example, this could be the case for ibuprofen, which appears to be taken at a low dose by a large number of patients according to these data). However the data are still very useful for considering what doses patients actually take. The data here is largely in line with the ADQs, but there are some discrepancies. For example, it appears that although a substantial number of patients taking diclofenac take around 100 mg per day, the majority of patients take closer to 150 mg. Similarly, most people taking naproxen appear to take closer to 1000 mg than the ADQ of 750 mg.

This data makes it important to consider both doses of the standard NSAIDs (particularly diclofenac and naproxen) in our model. The impact of considering these different doses is explored in the sensitivity analysis section of this report.

Source: MEMO (University of Dundee 2004)

From: Appendix D, Details of the NSAID/COX-2 inhibitor health economic model

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