TABLE 7.1Characteristics of eligible studies of preoperative pregnancy testing

First author and year of publicationCountryStudy sample (age)Type of surgeryAbnormal testChange in clinical managementPostoperative complications
Hennrikus 2001102USA532 (12 to 19 years)Orthopaedic surgery(0)
Wheeler 1999103USA261 (10 to 34 years)Not stated
Pierre 1998105USA801 (12 to 21 years)Not stated(0)
Twersky 1996106USA315 (24 to 35 years)Not stated(0)
Azzam 1996104USA412 (10.5 to 20 years)Not stated(0)
Malviya 1995107USA525 (10 to 17 years)Not stated(0)
Manley 1995108USA2056 (not stated)Not stated(0)

(0) not applicable because surgery cancelled in all cases of previously unknown pregnancy

From: Appendix 1, Results of a Systematic Review of the Literature for Routine Preoperative Testing

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