Table 5

Albuterol compared with levalbuterol: Demographic and study characteristics in children (studies with effectiveness outcomes only)

Author YearStudy durationInterventionNMean age in years (SD)a% FemaleOther medications permitted during studyQualityFunder
Berger 200628 daysLevalbuterol MDI 90 μg QID

Albuterol MDI 180μg QID

Placebo MDI QID
1508.6 (1.8)37Single 5-day course of corticosteroidsFairSepracor, Inc.
Carl 20032 hoursAlbuterol 2.5 mg or levalbuterol 1.25mg via nebulizer q20min, maximum 6 treatments5477.133Oral prednisone single doseGoodNot reported
Hardasmalani 20053 treatments in 1 hrAlbuterol 2.5 mg q20 minutes PRN

Levalbuterol 1.25 mg q20
Minutes PRN nebulizer
7012.340Ipratropium (250 μg in children <30 kg and 500 μg for >30 kg) given with study drug via nebulizer.
Oral steroids 2 mg/kg given after 2nd treatment
FairNot reported
Milgrom 20013 weeksAlbuterol 1.25 mg nebulizer

Albuterol 2.5 mg nebulizer

Levalbuterol 0.31 mg

Levalbuterol 0.63 mg
3388.5 (1.9)41.7Stable doses of inhaled corticosteroids initiated ≥60 days before randomizationFairSepracor, Inc.
Qureshi 2005Maximum of 5 treatmentsAlbuterol 2.5–5 mg nebulizer

Levalbuterol 1.25–2.5 mg nebulizer
1295.834.1Prednisone or equivalent corticosteroid given to all children with second lbuterol treatment. Ipratropium bromide therapy permitted after the third study treatment.FairSepracor, Inc.
Skoner 20053 weeksAlbuterol 1.25–2.5 mg TID nebulizer

Levalbuterol 0.31 mg TID nebulizer

Levalbuterol 0.63 mg TID nebulizer Placebo nebulizer
2113.4 (1.1)69.2Patients received matching blinded medications: levalbuterol 1.25 mg for the levalbuterol groups, albuterol 2.5 mg for the albuterol group. Non-beta2 agonist asthma medications including ipratropium and inhaled corticosteroids if taken at stable doses prior and throughout the study.FairSepracor, Inc.

Abbreviations: MDI, metered dose inhaler; TID, three times a day; QID, four times a day.


Data are for comparison group unless otherwise indicated.

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