Table 8

Main findings in placebo-controlled trials of patients with mild to moderate heart failure

Beta blockerMortality reductionReduction in sudden deathReduction in progressive heart failureImprovement in New York Heart Association classImprovement in exercise parametersImprovement in quality of life
BisoprololYesYesNot provenYesNot significantNot significant
CarvedilolYesYesMixed resultsNot provenNot significantNot significant
Carvedilol phosphateNo evidenceNo evidenceNo evidenceNo evidenceNo evidenceNo evidence
Metoprolol SuccinateYesYesYesNot provenNot significantYes
NebivololNot significantNot significantNo evidenceNot significantNo evidenceNo evidence

From: Results

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Drug Class Review: Beta Adrenergic Blockers: Final Report Update 4 [Internet].
Helfand M, Peterson K, Christensen V, et al.
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