Table B.4Ten-year costs for infrared sensing thermometers, discounted at 3.5%: summary results for tympanic measurements – minimum and maximum prices

Model of infrared sensing thermometer (tympanic)
TB-100 (thermo Buddy)First Temp. Genius
Purchase cost£18.32£249.49
Supply of thermometersOne per wardOne per ward
Price of consumable items and ongoing costs (per item)
Probe covers£0.0760£0.047
Battery life )readings)60005000
Cost of batteries£0.68£0.950
Cost of cleaning (alcohol wipes)£0.008
Annual cost of consumables and ongoing costs calculated using the assumptions stated in Table B.1
Initial purchase cost£8,244£112,271
Number of batteries/year258310
Cost of batteries/year£176£295
Cost of alcohol wipes/year£12,400
Cost of covers/year£117,800£72,850
Total cost consumables£130,376£73,145
Time to reading (seconds)22
Hours on reading/year861861
Annual staff costs£18,944£18,944
Recurring costs per year (consumables, replacement, staff)£149,320£92,089
Recurring costs per year (consumables and replacement)£130,376£73,145
Total undiscounted 10-year cost (with staff costs)£1,501,445£1,033,160
Discounted at 3.5%£1,064,403£732,427
Total undiscounted 10-year cost (without staff costs)£1,312,001£843,716
Discounted at 3.5%£930,102£598,126

From: Appendix B, Cost analysis of thermometers for use in children and infants with fever

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