Table B.2Comparative cost of thermometers that can provide axilla measurements in a large teaching hospital for 10 years – minimum prices

Type of thermometer
Single-measurement contact/chemical (phase change)Reusable contact/chemical (phase change)Electronic contactCompact contact electronic
Model used3M TempadotEzeTempSure Temp. PlusMicrolife MT 1671
Supply of thermometersOne per measurementOne per patient episodeOne per wardOne per bed
Purchase cost£0.07£0.14£150.00£3.36
Price of consumables items and ongoing costs (per item)
Battery life (readings)5 0003 000
Cost of batteries£0.75£0.2200
Cost of cleaning (alcohol wipes)£0.008£0.008£0.008
Annual cost of consumables and ongoing costs calculated using the assumptions stated in Table B.1
Initial purchase cost£108,500£12,040£67,500£7,409
Replacement cost per year (10%)£741
Number of batteries/year310517
Cost of batteries/year£233£114
Cost of alcohol wipes/year£12,400£248£12,400
Cost of covers/year£42,625
Total cost consumables£12,400£43,416£13,771
Time to reading (seconds)180180660
Seconds on reading/year279 000 000279 000 0009 300 00093 000 000
Hours on reading/year77 50077 5002 58325 833
Annual staff costs£1,705,000£1,705,000£56,833£568,333
Recurring costs per year (consumables, replacement, staff)£1,813,500£1,729,440£100,249£582,845
Recurring costs per year (consumables and replacement)£108,500£24,440£110,916£14,512
Total undiscounted 10 year cost (with staff costs)£18,135,000£17,294,400£1,069,988£5,835,863
Discounted at 3.5%£12,856,243£12,260,326£758,535£4,137,153
Total undiscounted 10 year cost (without staff costs)£1,085,000£244,400£1,176,655£152,530
Discounted at 3.5%£769,177£173,260£834,153£108,131

From: Appendix B, Cost analysis of thermometers for use in children and infants with fever

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