4.2Effect of stress on male fertility

StudyPopulationOutcomesResultsCommentsStudy typeEL
Poland et al. 198625053 semen donors: 31 medical students during exam months ; 22 non-studentsSemen qualityMedical students:

Significant elevation of sperm count and quality when compared with non-students
Potential confoundersCH2b
Fenstere al 1997251157 men in California Women’s Reproductive Health Study:

12 men experienced bereavement; 145 men did not
Evaluation of stress: stressful jobs, life events, bereavement

Semen quality
Bereavement group: significant reduction in straight-line velocity and % of progressively motile sperm compared with non- bereavement groupJob stress measurement by Karasek 1986

Other outcomes included

Confounders adjusted

From: Evidence tables

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