Table 40Frequency and percentage of presented signs(430)

Presenting signFrequency%Presenting signFrequency%
White reflex (leukocoria)71056.1Macrophthalmia/buphthalmia90.7
 Direction not specified997.8Conjunctivitis60.5
Unknown presenting sign1259.9Vomiting60.5
Poor vision987.7Kept eye closed50.4
Family history866.8Microphthalmia40.3
Irritation544.3Orbital cellulitis30.2
Routine examination (including for trauma)362.8Anorexia/failure to thrive Hyphema20.2
‘Something looked wrong’252.0Metastasis/growths20.2
Heterochromia iridis231.8Ptosis20.2
Discharge161.3Ruptured globe10.1
Nystagmus131.0Vitreous haemorrhage10.1

Presenting signs and symptoms of retinoblastoma (n=1265)

From: 20, Children’s and Young People’s Cancer

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