Table 7Prevalence of adult-type hypolactasia genotype

Author, Year CountryNumber Subject Selection Inclusion/ExclusionSubject CharacteristicsDiagnostic MethodsPrevalence of Hypolactasia
Asymptomatic and symptomatic at baseline
Almon, 200755

Subject selection: randomly selected children (n=690), and elderly, nonrandomly selected subjects (n=392)

Inclusion/exclusion: NA
Mean age: (children were aged either 9 or 15; adults were born between 1920–932)
Males: NA
Females: NA

Race/ethnicity: Swedes (“Caucasians,” “non-Caucasians”)
Blood genotypingOverall (C/C): 117/1082 (10.8%)

n/N (%)
Children97/690 (14)274/690 (40)319/690 (46)
Adults20/392 (5)166/392 (42)206/392 (53)
Caucasians61/635 (10)259/635 (41)307/635 (48)
Non Caucasians36/55 (65)15/55 (27)4/55 (7)
Anthoni, 2007158

Subject selection: Finnish adults attending lab investigations in primary health clinic

Inclusion/exclusion: NA
Mean age: “working age”
Males: NA
Females: NA
Blood genotypingOverall: 342/1,900 (18%)

GenotypeHistory of GI complaintsP value
n/N (%)
C/C341/1900 (18)84/348 (24)<0.05
C/T901/1900 (47)148/348 (43)NS
T/T658/1900 (35)116/349 (33)NS
Total1900 (100)348 (100)--
Ennattah, 200457

Subject selection: Finnish army male recruits and men of similar age who had postponed their military service not related to health

Inclusion/exclusion: NA
Mean age: NA (18.3–20.6)
Males: n=234
Females: n=0

Race/ethnicity: Finns
Blood genotypingOverall (C/C): 40/234 (17.1%)
Ennattah, 200529

Subject selection: cross-sectional, cohort study of population-based women (n=453), women with osteoporotic fractures (n=52), and a control group of women without osteoporosis (n=59)

Inclusion/exclusion: Historical lactose intolerance (n=72)
Overall mean age: 70 (62–85)
Mean age (pop-based cohort): 69 (62–78)
Males: n=0
Females: n=564

Race/ethnicity: Finns
Blood genotypingOverall:
n/N (%)
81/453 (17.9)212/453 (46.8)160/453 (35.3)
Gugatschka, 200791

Subject selection: Men from a population based cohort were invited into study

Exclusion: liver or kidney disease, primary hyperparathyroidism, long-term use of corticosteroids, other possible causes of secondary osteoporosis, consumption of bone-active meds, severe nicotine or alcohol abuse
Mean age: 61 (50–85)
Males: n=239
Females: n=0

Race/ethnicity: Austrians
Blood genotypingOverall:
n/N (%)
65/239 (27)131/239 (55)43/239 (18)
Lehtimäki, 200659
N=3596 (in 1980)

Subject selection: prospective, cross-sectional cohort study of randomly selected Finnish children (n=3,596) in 1980, with reexamination in 1983, 1986, and 2001 (after a 21-year followup period)

Inclusion/exclusion: NA
Mean age: 10.5 (3–18) (1980)
Males: n=1,015 (2002)
Females: n=1,250 (2002)

Race/ethnicity: Finns
Blood genotypingOverall (2002):
n/N (%)
399/2265 (17.6)1106/2265 (48.9)760/2265 (33.6)
Piepoli, 200760
Italy (Sardinia and Apulia)
N=254 (there were also 124 subjects with colorectal cancer, but not reported)

Subject selection: two different healthy populations were randomly collected: unrelated Apulians and Sardinians

Inclusion/exclusion: NA
Mean age: 31.9 (1–73)
Males: n=194
Females: n=60

Race/ethnicity: Italians
Blood genotypingOverall:
n/N (%)
214/254 (84)37/254 (14.6)3/254 (1)
Schirru, 200745
Italy (Sardinia)

Subject selection: hydrogen breath testing and genotyping of the C/T-13910 variant were performed in 392 patients in Cagliari, Italy

Exclusion: celiac disease, milk allergy, Crohn’s disease
Mean age: NA (range 3–19)
Males: n=184
Females: n=208 (Number of females, males, and age range are from the original cohort of 392 subjects)

Race/ethnicity: Sardinians
Blood genotypingOverall: 344/383 (89.8%)
Age3, 45, 678
n/N (%)
C/C31/35 (89)39/43 (91)40/45 (89)35/39 (90)
Age910, 1112–1415–19
n/N (%)
C/C42/45 (93)56/62 (90)59/66 (89)42/47 (90)
Symptomatic at baseline
Rasinperä, 200461

Subject selection: Children undergoing upper GI endoscopy because of abdominal complaints

Exclusion: children receiving chemotherapy, with GI anomalies, or villous height to crypt depth ratio of < 2:1
Mean age: 8.5 (0.1–20.2)
 Africans: 6.9 (0.1–15.6)
 Finns: 9 (0.6–20.2)
 other Whites) 6.9 (1.9–10.9)
Males: n=162
 Africans: n=31
 Finns: n=125
 other Whites: n=6
Females: n=167
Africans: n=34
Finns: n=127
other Whites: n=6
Race/ethnicity: Africans (n=65); Finns (n=252); other Whites (n=12)
Blood genotypingOverall (C/C): 108/329 (32.8%)
n/N (%)
Finns37/252 (14.7)137/252 (54.4)78/252 (31.0)
Africans62/65 (95.4)3/65 (4.6)0/65 (0)
Other Whites9/12 (75.0)2/12 (16.7)1/12 (8.3)

From: 3, Results

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