Table 37Effect of CHW interventions on knowledge: strength of evidence

Number of Studies; # of SubjectsRisk of Bias

ConsistencyDirectnessPrecisionOther Modifying Factors (Intensity, Confounding)ResultsOverall Strength of Evidence
Health promotion and disease prevention: disease prevention
2; 6,84116,117,127Medium

1 RCT, 1 prospective cohort/fair
ConsistentIndirectPreciseAbsentFavors CHW intervention vs. print or no intervention (for improved knowledge of label reading, knowledge of fat in diet, and knowledge of where to obtain free condoms)Moderate
Cancer screening
2; 1,78817,18,109Low

2 RCTs/1 good, 1 fair
ConsistentIndirectImpreciseAbsentFavors CHW vs. media or mailModerate
Chronic disease management: diabetes mellitus
1; 15027Medium

1 RCT/fair
Consistency unknown (single study)DirectNot reportedAbsentFavors CHW intervention vs. usual care plus pamphlets (for knowledge of label reading)Low

CHW, community health worker; RCT, randomized controlled trial.

From: 4, Discussion

Cover of Outcomes of Community Health Worker Interventions
Outcomes of Community Health Worker Interventions.
Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 181.
Viswanathan M, Kraschnewski J, Nishikawa B, et al.

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