Author, yearStudy DesignRandom assignment?Allocation concealed?Groups similar at baseline?Eligibility criteria specified?Blinding: outcome assessors, care provider, patient?Intention-to-treat analysis?Maintenance of comparable groups?Reporting of attrition, contamination, etc.?Differential loss to follow-up or overall high loss to follow-up?Quality ratingExternal validity
Bowen et al, 200438 RCTYesYesYesYesN/ANRYesYes1% loss genetic counselingFairWomen in general public with breast cancer
4% loss psychosocial counseling
1% loss control
Bowen et al, 200239 RCTYesNRYesYesN/ANoYesYes8% loss psychosocial counselingFairWomen in Seattle area with lower risk of breast cancer
10% loss genetic counseling
10% loss control
Burke et al, 200040 RCTYesNRYesYesN/ANRYesYes3% loss counselingFairWomen in Seattle area with intermediate family history of breast cancer
8% loss control
Cull et al, 199841 RCTYesYesYesYesN/ANRYesYes24% loss videoGoodWomen from 4 Scottish cancer family clinics
37% loss control
Green et al, 2004120 RCTYesN/AYesYesN/ANRYesYes26% loss overall at 6 month follow-upGoodWomen from 6 U.S. medical center clinics offering genetic counseling
Lerman et al, 199942 RCTYesNRYesYesN/ANRNoYes49% loss overallFairGeorgetown University Medical Center and Washington Hospital Center
(32% loss Causasian; 51% loss African American)
Lerman et al, 199643 RCTYesNRYesYesOutcome assessors blind onlyNRYesYes12% loss overall 3-month telephone surveyFairCancer treatment centers
37% loss overall 3-month mail survey
Lerman et al, 199544 RCTYesNRYesYesOutcome assessors blind onlyNoYesYes12% loss overallFairFox Chase Cancer Center and Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center
Lobb et al, 2002118 RCTYesYesYesYesN/AYesYesYes18% loss overallGood10 familial cancer clinics in 4 Australian states
Watson et al, 1998119 RCTYesYesYesYesN/AYesYesYes7% loss overall 1-month follow-upGoodWomen with a family history of breast cancer attending two London genetic clinics
21% loss overall 6-month follow-up

NR, not reported; RCT, randomized controlled trial.

From: Appendix H. Quality Ratings of Genetic Counseling Studies

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