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Screening for Dementia [Internet]

Screening for Dementia [Internet]

Systematic Evidence Reviews - Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US)

Version: June 2003


Our presentation of results is arranged chiefly in accordance with the 9 key questions (KQ) introduced in Chapter 2 and Table 1. Specifically, we address the following issues: efficacy of screening in terms of 6 major outcomes (KQ No. 1); prevalence of undiagnosed dementia and common causes of this disease (KQ No. 2); reliability and validity of screening tests (KQ No. 3); efficacy of pharmacologic treatments of dementia (KQ No. 4); efficacy of nonpharmacological interventions (KQ No. 5); efficacy of caregiver interventions (KQ No. 6); adverse effects of screening (KQ No. 7); costs or cost-effectiveness of screening (KQ No. 8); and adverse effects of treatment (KQ No. 9). For KQ Nos. 4, 5 and 6 on therapies, we organize the discussion in terms of the 6 major health outcomes—functioning, health care utilization, behavioral problems, caregiver stress, adverse events, and quality of life—specified in the analytic framework (Figure 1).

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