Table 55Placental abnormalities in pregnancies after infertility treatment

StudyExposureNMeasure of Association
RR/ORLower 95% CIUpper 95% CI
Romundstad, et al., 2006456Reference Spontaneous singletons
ART singletons 7.245.868.94
Spontaneous twins
ART twins 3.822.027.21
Study type Cohort; n = 502,840 Placenta previa — Adjusted for maternal age, parity, previous C-section, duration between births, year of birth: singletons 5.5 (4.4, 7.0); twins 2.9 (1.5, 5.8). Risk also increased in women with both spontaneous and ART conceptions.
Ovulation induction and IVF
Shevell et al., 2005449Reference Spontaneous
Ovulation induction 1.36 0.19 9.65
IVF 3.612.036.41
Study typeCohort; n = 36,062Placental abruption — ovulation 2.34 (0.59, 9.31), IVF 3.09 (1.74, 5.49)

From: 3, Results

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Effectiveness of Assisted Reproductive Technology.
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Myers ER, McCrory DC, Mills AA, et al.

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