Table 17

Summary of study characteristics for zotepine versus a FGA (acute treatment).

Zotepine vs. haloperidolZotepine vs. another FGA
k (total N)5 (386)2 (146)
Study IDBarnas1987
KnollCTR (StudyZT4002)
Diagnostic criteriaDSM-III, DSM-III-R, ICD-9DSM-III-R, ICD-9
SettingInpatientMostly inpatient
Duration of treatmentShort-term: 4–8 weeks
Medium-term: 26 weeks
Short-term: 4–8 weeks
Medication dose (mg/day)ZOT: 94–309 (range of means); 150–300 (range)
HAL: 4–15 (range of means); 10–20 (range)
ZOT: 241 (mean); 300 (max)
CHL: 600 (max)
PER: 348 (mean)

From: 6, Pharmacological interventions in the treatment and management of schizophrenia

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