Evidence Table 15

Quality assessment of comparative observational studies of adverse events (pio vs rosi)

Author YearStudy designAdverse events pre- specified and defined?Ascertainment techniques adequately described?Non-biased and accurate ascertainment methods?Statistical analysis of potential confounders?Adequate duration of follow-up?Quality
Boyle P., 2002Retrospective cohortNoYesNot clear if blindedNoYes (mean 17 weeks)Fair
Delea T., 2003Retrospective cohortYesYesBlinding not reportedYesYesFair
Gegick C., 2004Retrospective cohortYesYesBlinding not reportedNoYes (mean 12.6 months)Fair
Harmel A., 2004Retrospective cohortNoNoBlinding not reportedNoFair (12 weeks or more)Poor
Hussein Z., 2004Retrospective cohortYesNoMethods not describedNoFair (at least 2 months)Fair
King A, 2000Prospective cohortNoNoMethod NRNoFair (2–4 months)Poor
King K., 2004Retrospective cohortYesChart review, no detailsBlinding not reportedNoDuration of followup not clearFair
LaCivita K., 2002Retrospective cohortYes (weight), other
AEs no
NoMethods not describedNoYes (at least 2 months; mean 6 months)Fair-Poor
Lebovitz H., 2002Retrospective analysis of prospectively collected data from RCTsYesYesNot clear if blindedNoFair (ranged from 8 to 26 weeks)Fair
Olansky L., 2003Retrospective cohortNot reportedYesNot clear if data abstraction blinded (data abstracted, then sent to a central location for review and analysis)NoYes (17–18 weeks)Fair
Tang W., 2003Retrospective cohortYesYesNo- unblindedNoYes (12 months)Fair

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