Table 19

Sitagliptin or placebo added to one oral hypoglycemic agent

Author, yearChange in A1c from baseline at (%)Change in FPG from baseline at (mg/dL)Change in PPG from baseline at (mg/dL)Percent achieving A1c <7%Change in weight from baseline at (kg)aPercent requiring rescue medication (%)
24 weeks24 weeks24 weeks24 weeks24 weeks24 weeks
Rosenstock, 200657−0.85−0.15−16.7+1NRNR45.4b23.0+1.8+1.56.9**14.0
Charbonnel, 200658−0.7−0.02−16.2+9−61.2c−10.847.018.3−0.7−0.64.5c13.5
Hermansen, 200750−0.3+0.27−0.88+18.4−24.4+10.710.8d8.7+1.10.0NRNR

weight data not reported in the publication were provided by the manufacturer.


P<0.001 compared with placebo.


P<0.05 compared with placebo.


P=0.638 (no difference).

Abbreviations: S/Pioglit, sitagliptin added to pioglitazone; S/MET, sitagliptin added to metformin; S/Glime, sitagliptin added to glimepiride; P/−, placebo added to- P/= placebo; NR, not reported.

From: Results

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