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Benign enlarged prostate: Medication and herbal products

Most men who have prostate problems either wait a while to see how their symptoms develop, or take medication. Medication is often used when the symptoms are not bad enough for surgery to be needed, but have become too bothersome to be left untreated.This might be the case if you have to go to the bathroom several times a night, or constantly feel the need to urinate during the day too because your bladder no longer empties properly. These typical symptoms of an enlarged prostate can become a real burden.Several types of medications and combinations of medications are available for the relief of problems associated with an enlarged prostate. Like with any medication, it is important to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of these medications, and be aware of possible interactions between different medications. The majority of men with an enlarged prostate are over the age of 50, and often on other medications too, like drugs for high blood pressure (hypertension).For instance, if a man is taking alpha blockers for the treatment of prostate problems, he should not use impotence drugs as well. This is because both of these medications have a blood-pressure-lowering effect, so his blood pressure could become too low otherwise.

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