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Autism: Recognition, Referral, Diagnosis and Management of Adults on the Autism Spectrum

Autism is a lifelong condition with particular issues for adults, which are addressed by this NICE guideline. While some people are diagnosed in childhood, a large proportion of adults with autism find obtaining a diagnosis in adulthood difficult or impossible. Under-recognition of autism in adults can lead to inadequate care, masking of coexisting mental and physical health problems, and to social and economic exclusion. This guideline aims to address these widespread problems and increase the uptake of interventions by adults with autism to enable them to live more independent lives.

NICE Clinical Guidelines - National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health (UK).

Version: 2012
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Systematic Review of Suicide Prevention in Veterans [Internet]

This systematic review updates evidence on the accuracy of methods to identify individuals at increased risk for suicide, and the efficacy/effectiveness and adverse effects of healthcare service interventions in reducing suicide and other suicidal self-directed violence. Important areas of ongoing research and current evidence gaps on suicide prevention are also addressed. This report includes studies relevant to healthcare services provided to Veterans and military personnel in the United States (US), and updates 3 previous Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Evidence-based Synthesis Program (ESP) reviews on these topics.

Evidence-based Synthesis Program - Department of Veterans Affairs (US).

Version: November 2015

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