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Balloon atrial septostomy and pre-operative brain injury in neonates with transposition of the great arteries: a systematic review and a meta-analysis

OBJECTIVE: To perform a systematic review and a meta-analysis of the effects of balloon atrial septostomy on peri-operative brain injury in neonates with transposition of the great arteries.

Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (DARE): Quality-assessed Reviews [Internet] - Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (UK).

Version: 2012

Drugs for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: Comparative Efficacy, Safety, and Cost-Effectiveness [Internet]

The objective of this therapeutic review is to conduct a systematic review to assess the comparative efficacy and safety and to determine the cost-effectiveness of drug therapies for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) in adults.

CADTH Therapeutic Review - Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health.

Version: March 2015

What evidence is there for a relationship between organisational features and patient outcomes in congenital heart disease services? A rapid review

This rapid review found that while a relationship between volume of cases and patient outcome in congenital heart disease services exists, it is not consistent. In addition, a range of other factors were found that influenced outcome including condition severity, individual centre and surgeon effects and clinical advances over time.

Health Services and Delivery Research - NIHR Journals Library.

Version: November 2014
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