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The Variability of Translocator Protein Signal in Brain and Blood of Genotyped Healthy Humans Using In Vivo 123I-CLINDE SPECT Imaging: A Test-Retest Study.

Feng L, Jensen P, Thomsen G, Dyssegaard A, Svarer C, Knudsen LV, Møller K, Thomsen C, Mikkelsen JD, Guilloteau D, Knudsen GM, Pinborg LH.

J Nucl Med. 2017 Jun;58(6):989-995. doi: 10.2967/jnumed.116.183202. Epub 2016 Nov 10.


Perinatal nicotine treatment induces transient increases in NACHO protein levels in the rat frontal cortex.

Wichern F, Jensen MM, Christensen DZ, Mikkelsen JD, Gondré-Lewis MC, Thomsen MS.

Neuroscience. 2017 Mar 27;346:278-283. doi: 10.1016/j.neuroscience.2017.01.026. Epub 2017 Jan 25.


Acute phencyclidine administration induces c-Fos-immunoreactivity in interneurons in cortical and subcortical regions.

Hervig ME, Thomsen MS, Kalló I, Mikkelsen JD.

Neuroscience. 2016 Oct 15;334:13-25. doi: 10.1016/j.neuroscience.2016.07.028. Epub 2016 Jul 29.


Quantification of the functional expression of the Ca2+ -activated K+ channel KCa 3.1 on microglia from adult human neocortical tissue.

Blomster LV, Strøbaek D, Hougaard C, Klein J, Pinborg LH, Mikkelsen JD, Christophersen P.

Glia. 2016 Dec;64(12):2065-2078. doi: 10.1002/glia.23040. Epub 2016 Jul 29.


Positive allosteric modulators of the α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor potentiate glutamate release in the prefrontal cortex of freely-moving rats.

Bortz DM, Upton BA, Mikkelsen JD, Bruno JP.

Neuropharmacology. 2016 Dec;111:78-91. doi: 10.1016/j.neuropharm.2016.08.033. Epub 2016 Aug 26.


Lynx1 and Aβ1-42 bind competitively to multiple nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subtypes.

Thomsen MS, Arvaniti M, Jensen MM, Shulepko MA, Dolgikh DA, Pinborg LH, Härtig W, Lyukmanova EN, Mikkelsen JD.

Neurobiol Aging. 2016 Oct;46:13-21. doi: 10.1016/j.neurobiolaging.2016.06.009. Epub 2016 Jun 17.


The pan-Kv7 (KCNQ) Channel Opener Retigabine Inhibits Striatal Excitability by Direct Action on Striatal Neurons In Vivo.

Hansen HH, Weikop P, Mikkelsen MD, Rode F, Mikkelsen JD.

Basic Clin Pharmacol Toxicol. 2017 Jan;120(1):46-51. doi: 10.1111/bcpt.12636. Epub 2016 Aug 23.


Functional interaction between Lypd6 and nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.

Arvaniti M, Jensen MM, Soni N, Wang H, Klein AB, Thiriet N, Pinborg LH, Muldoon PP, Wienecke J, Imad Damaj M, Kohlmeier KA, Gondré-Lewis MC, Mikkelsen JD, Thomsen MS.

J Neurochem. 2016 Sep;138(6):806-20. doi: 10.1111/jnc.13718. Epub 2016 Aug 15.


Characterization of liraglutide, a glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist, in rat partial and full nigral 6-hydroxydopamine lesion models of Parkinson's disease.

Hansen HH, Fabricius K, Barkholt P, Mikkelsen JD, Jelsing J, Pyke C, Knudsen LB, Vrang N.

Brain Res. 2016 Sep 1;1646:354-365. doi: 10.1016/j.brainres.2016.05.038. Epub 2016 May 24.


Heteromeric α7β2 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors in the Brain.

Wu J, Liu Q, Tang P, Mikkelsen JD, Shen J, Whiteaker P, Yakel JL.

Trends Pharmacol Sci. 2016 Jul;37(7):562-574. doi: 10.1016/ Epub 2016 May 11. Review.


Changes in Binding of [(123)I]CLINDE, a High-Affinity Translocator Protein 18 kDa (TSPO) Selective Radioligand in a Rat Model of Traumatic Brain Injury.

Donat CK, Gaber K, Meixensberger J, Brust P, Pinborg LH, Hansen HH, Mikkelsen JD.

Neuromolecular Med. 2016 Jun;18(2):158-69. doi: 10.1007/s12017-016-8385-y. Epub 2016 Mar 11.


Sex differences in the photoperiodic regulation of RF-Amide related peptide (RFRP) and its receptor GPR147 in the syrian hamster.

Henningsen JB, Poirel VJ, Mikkelsen JD, Tsutsui K, Simonneaux V, Gauer F.

J Comp Neurol. 2016 Jun 15;524(9):1825-38. doi: 10.1002/cne.23924. Epub 2015 Dec 3.


TSPO Imaging in Glioblastoma Multiforme: A Direct Comparison Between 123I-CLINDE SPECT, 18F-FET PET, and Gadolinium-Enhanced MR Imaging.

Jensen P, Feng L, Law I, Svarer C, Knudsen GM, Mikkelsen JD, de Nijs R, Larsen VA, Dyssegaard A, Thomsen G, Fischer W, Guilloteau D, Pinborg LH.

J Nucl Med. 2015 Sep;56(9):1386-90. doi: 10.2967/jnumed.115.158998. Epub 2015 Jul 16.


Regional brain volumes, diffusivity, and metabolite changes after electroconvulsive therapy for severe depression.

Jorgensen A, Magnusson P, Hanson LG, Kirkegaard T, Benveniste H, Lee H, Svarer C, Mikkelsen JD, Fink-Jensen A, Knudsen GM, Paulson OB, Bolwig TG, Jorgensen MB.

Acta Psychiatr Scand. 2016 Feb;133(2):154-164. doi: 10.1111/acps.12462. Epub 2015 Jul 3.


α7 and β2 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Subunits Form Heteromeric Receptor Complexes that Are Expressed in the Human Cortex and Display Distinct Pharmacological Properties.

Thomsen MS, Zwart R, Ursu D, Jensen MM, Pinborg LH, Gilmour G, Wu J, Sher E, Mikkelsen JD.

PLoS One. 2015 Jun 18;10(6):e0130572. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0130572. eCollection 2015.


Role of Serotonin Transporter Changes in Depressive Responses to Sex-Steroid Hormone Manipulation: A Positron Emission Tomography Study.

Frokjaer VG, Pinborg A, Holst KK, Overgaard A, Henningsson S, Heede M, Larsen EC, Jensen PS, Agn M, Nielsen AP, Stenbæk DS, da Cunha-Bang S, Lehel S, Siebner HR, Mikkelsen JD, Svarer C, Knudsen GM.

Biol Psychiatry. 2015 Oct 15;78(8):534-43. doi: 10.1016/j.biopsych.2015.04.015. Epub 2015 Apr 27.


High plasma triglyceride levels strongly correlate with low kisspeptin in the arcuate nucleus of male rats.

Overgaard A, Axel AM, Lie ME, Hansen HH, Mikkelsen JD.

Endocr Regul. 2015 Apr;49(2):51-7.


Radiosynthesis and in vitro validation of (3)H-NS14492 as a novel high affinity alpha7 nicotinic receptor radioligand.

Magnussen JH, Ettrup A, Donat CK, Peters D, Pedersen MH, Knudsen GM, Mikkelsen JD.

Eur J Pharmacol. 2015 Sep 5;762:35-41. doi: 10.1016/j.ejphar.2015.04.036. Epub 2015 May 1.


Prostate stem cell antigen interacts with nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and is affected in Alzheimer's disease.

Jensen MM, Arvaniti M, Mikkelsen JD, Michalski D, Pinborg LH, Härtig W, Thomsen MS.

Neurobiol Aging. 2015 Apr;36(4):1629-1638. doi: 10.1016/j.neurobiolaging.2015.01.001. Epub 2015 Jan 7.


Targeting dopamine D3 and serotonin 5-HT1A and 5-HT2A receptors for developing effective antipsychotics: synthesis, biological characterization, and behavioral studies.

Brindisi M, Butini S, Franceschini S, Brogi S, Trotta F, Ros S, Cagnotto A, Salmona M, Casagni A, Andreassi M, Saponara S, Gorelli B, Weikop P, Mikkelsen JD, Scheel-Kruger J, Sandager-Nielsen K, Novellino E, Campiani G, Gemma S.

J Med Chem. 2014 Nov 26;57(22):9578-97. doi: 10.1021/jm501119j. Epub 2014 Nov 7.


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