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The new impact factor and immediacy index of World Psychiatry.

Luciano M.

World Psychiatry. 2012 Oct;11(3):207-8. No abstract available.


Was the bereavement exclusion originally based on scientific data?

Pies R.

World Psychiatry. 2012 Oct;11(3):203. No abstract available.


Trainees' views on the future of psychiatry: a plethora of challenges ahead of us.

Nawka A, Rojnic Kuzman M, Giacco D.

World Psychiatry. 2012 Oct;11(3):203. No abstract available.


Fallacious reasoning in the argument to eliminate the major depression bereavement exclusion in DSM-5.

Wakefield J, First M.

World Psychiatry. 2012 Oct;11(3):203. No abstract available.


The bereavement exclusion may not be applicable in real world settings.

Corruble E.

World Psychiatry. 2012 Oct;11(3):202. No abstract available.


Promises and limitations of telepsychiatry in rural adult mental health care.

Grady B.

World Psychiatry. 2012 Oct;11(3):199-201. No abstract available.


Mobile technologies in psychiatry: providing new perspectives from biology to culture.

Swendsen J, Salamon R.

World Psychiatry. 2012 Oct;11(3):196-8. No abstract available.


Lessons learned in developing community mental health care in Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Razzouk D, Gregório G, Antunes R, Mari JD.

World Psychiatry. 2012 Oct;11(3):191-5.


Lessons learned in developing community mental health care in East and South East Asia.

Ito H, Setoya Y, Suzuki Y.

World Psychiatry. 2012 Oct;11(3):186-90.


Assessing the diagnostic validity of a structured psychiatric interview in a first-admission hospital sample.

Nordgaard J, Revsbech R, Sæbye D, Parnas J.

World Psychiatry. 2012 Oct;11(3):181-5.


An empirically derived approach to the classification and diagnosis of mood disorders.

Westen D, Malone JC, DeFife JA.

World Psychiatry. 2012 Oct;11(3):172-80.


Consumer recovery: a call for partnership between researchers and consumers.

Katontoka S.

World Psychiatry. 2012 Oct;11(3):170-1. No abstract available.


Consumer perceptions of recovery: an Indian perspective.

Thara R.

World Psychiatry. 2012 Oct;11(3):169-70. No abstract available.


Recovery: is consensus possible?

O'Hagan M.

World Psychiatry. 2012 Oct;11(3):167-8. No abstract available.


Consumer models of recovery: can they survive operationalism?

Wallcfrat J.

World Psychiatry. 2012 Oct;11(3):166-7. No abstract available.


Agency: its nature and role in recovery from severe mental illness.

Lysaker PH, Leonhardt BL.

World Psychiatry. 2012 Oct;11(3):165-6. No abstract available.


A stigma perspective on recovery.

Angermeyer M, Schomerus G.

World Psychiatry. 2012 Oct;11(3):163-4. No abstract available.


Recovery research: the empirical evidence from England.

Slade M.

World Psychiatry. 2012 Oct;11(3):162-3. No abstract available.


Recovery from schizophrenia: form follows functioning.

Liberman RP.

World Psychiatry. 2012 Oct;11(3):161-2. No abstract available.

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