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Kaposi`s sarcoma associated herpesvirus infection among female sex workers and general population women in Shanghai, China: a cross-sectional study.

Zhang T, Yang Y, Yu F, Zhao Y, Lin F, Minhas V, Wood C, He N.

BMC Infect Dis. 2014 Feb 5;14:58. doi: 10.1186/1471-2334-14-58.


Noninvasive follow-up of simian immunodeficiency virus infection in wild-living nonhabituated western lowland gorillas in Cameroon.

Etienne L, Locatelli S, Ayouba A, Esteban A, Butel C, Liegeois F, Aghokeng A, Delaporte E, Mpoudi Ngole E, Peeters M.

J Virol. 2012 Sep;86(18):9760-72. doi: 10.1128/JVI.01186-12.


Natural simian immunodeficiency virus transmission in mandrills: a family affair?

Fouchet D, Verrier D, Ngoubangoye B, Souquière S, Makuwa M, Kazanji M, Gonzalez JP, Pontier D.

Proc Biol Sci. 2012 Sep 7;279(1742):3426-35. doi: 10.1098/rspb.2012.0963.


High seroprevalence of herpes simplex virus type 2 infection in French human immunodeficiency virus type 1-infected outpatients.

Andréoletti L, Piednoir E, Legoff J, Brodard V, Beguinot I, Strady C, Rouger C, Piketty C, Si-Mohamed A, Kazatchkine MD, Malkin JE, Bélec L.

J Clin Microbiol. 2005 Aug;43(8):4215-7.


Correlates of nontransmission in US women at high risk of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infection through sexual exposure.

Skurnick JH, Palumbo P, DeVico A, Shacklett BL, Valentine FT, Merges M, Kamin-Lewis R, Mestecky J, Denny T, Lewis GK, Lloyd J, Praschunus R, Baker A, Nixon DF, Stranford S, Gallo R, Vermund SH, Louria DB.

J Infect Dis. 2002 Feb 15;185(4):428-38.


Human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1) gp120 superantigen-binding serum antibodies. A host factor in homosexual HIV-1 transmission.

Townsley-Fuchs J, Kam L, Fairhurst R, Gange SJ, Goodglick L, Giorgi JV, Sidell N, Detels R, Braun J.

J Clin Invest. 1996 Oct 15;98(8):1794-801.


Continuing transmission of sexually transmitted diseases among patients infected with HIV-1 attending genitourinary medicine clinics in England and Wales.

Catchpole MA, Mercey DE, Nicoll A, Rogers PA, Simms I, Newham J, Mahoney A, Parry JV, Joyce C, Gill ON.

BMJ. 1996 Mar 2;312(7030):539-42.


Risk for AIDS in multiethnic neighborhoods in San Francisco, California. The population-based AMEN Study.

Fullilove MT, Wiley J, Fullilove RE 3rd, Golden E, Catania J, Peterson J, Garrett K, Siegel D, Marin B, Kegeles S, et al.

West J Med. 1992 Jul;157(1):32-40.


Safe sex and women.

Sherr L, Strong C.

Genitourin Med. 1992 Feb;68(1):32-5.


Association of hepatitis B surface antigen and core antibody with acquisition and manifestations of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) infection.

Solomon RE, VanRaden M, Kaslow RA, Lyter D, Visscher B, Farzadegan H, Phair J.

Am J Public Health. 1990 Dec;80(12):1475-8.


Herpes simplex virus type 2 and other genital ulcerative infections as a risk factor for HIV-1 acquisition.

Keet IP, Lee FK, van Griensven GJ, Lange JM, Nahmias A, Coutinho RA.

Genitourin Med. 1990 Oct;66(5):330-3.


Surgical procedures in patients at risk of human immunodeficiency virus infection.

Wakeman R, Johnson CD, Wastell C.

J R Soc Med. 1990 May;83(5):315-8.


Syphilitic retinitis in a homosexual man with concurrent HIV infection: case report.

Joyce PW, Haye KR, Ellis ME.

Genitourin Med. 1989 Aug;65(4):244-7.


Antibody response to human immunodeficiency virus type 1 protease according to risk group and disease stage.

Boucher CA, de Jager MH, Debouck C, Epstein LG, de Wolf F, Wolfs TF, Goudsmit J.

J Clin Microbiol. 1989 Jul;27(7):1577-81. Erratum in: J Clin Microbiol 1989 Nov;27(11):2626.


Cross-sectional study of reverse transcriptase-inhibiting antibody as a marker of acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

Advani M, Imagawa DT, Lee MH, Sano K, Morales F, Mitsuyasu RT, Detels R.

J Clin Microbiol. 1989 Jul;27(7):1453-5.

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