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Open synovectomy of the ankle joint in young haemophiliacs: mid-term to long- term results of a single-centre series of 32 procedures.

Mingo-Robinet J, Odent T, Elie C, Torchet MF, Glorion C, Padovani JP, Rothschild C.

Haemophilia. 2015 Jul;21(4):e306-11. doi: 10.1111/hae.12704.


EQOFIX: a combined economic and quality-of-life study of hemophilia B treatments in France.

Polack B, Calvez T, Chambost H, Rothschild C, Goudemand J, Claeyssens S, Borel-Derlon A, Bardoulat I, Maurel F, Woronoff-Lemsi MC; EQOFIX Study Group..

Transfusion. 2015 Jul;55(7):1787-97. doi: 10.1111/trf.13016. Epub 2015 Feb 5.


Long-term follow-up of children with haemophilia - low incidence of infections with central venous access devices.

Harroche A, Merckx J, Salvi N, Faivre J, Jacqmarcq O, Dazet D, Makhloufi M, Clairicia M, Torchet MF, Aouba A, Rothschild C.

Haemophilia. 2015 Jul;21(4):465-8. doi: 10.1111/hae.12638. Epub 2015 Jan 27.


Batch recall of French plasma-derived products due to variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease risk: the psychological impact on haemophilic patients, changes in their therapeutic demands and behaviour and ethical considerations.

Aouba A, Harroche A, Frenzel L, Torchet MF, Rothschild C, François I, Mamzer-Bruneel MF.

Haemophilia. 2015 Jan;21(1):27-33. doi: 10.1111/hae.12515.


Spontaneous obturator internus muscle haematoma: a new unpublished cause of ilioipelvic pain in haemophilia.

Aouba A, Breton S, Harroche A, Sy-Bah D, Torchet MF, Frenzel L, Lasne D, Padovani JP, Odent T, Rothschild C.

Haemophilia. 2013 Jan;19(1):157-60. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2516.2012.02929.x. Epub 2012 Aug 14.


Screening for von Willebrand disease: contribution of an automated assay for von Willebrand factor activity.

Lasne D, Dey C, Dautzenberg MD, Cherqaoui Z, Monge F, Aouba A, Torchet MF, Geloen D, Landais P, Rothschild C.

Haemophilia. 2012 May;18(3):e158-63. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2516.2011.02662.x. Epub 2011 Sep 28.


Deaths associated with acquired haemophilia in France from 2000 to 2009: multiple cause analysis for best care strategies.

Aouba A, Rey G, Pavillon G, Jougla E, Rothschild C, Torchet MF, Guillevin L, Hermine O, Aouba A.

Haemophilia. 2012 May;18(3):339-44. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2516.2011.02647.x. Epub 2011 Sep 13.


Successful long-term replacement therapy with FXIII concentrate (Fibrogammin(®) P) for severe congenital factor XIII deficiency: a prospective multicentre study.

Dreyfus M, Barrois D, Borg JY, Claeyssens S, Torchet MF, Arnuti B, Pautard B; Groupe d'Etudes Francophone du FXIII..

J Thromb Haemost. 2011 Jun;9(6):1264-6. doi: 10.1111/j.1538-7836.2011.04281.x. No abstract available.


Surgical synovectomy of the knee in young haemophiliacs: long-term results of a monocentric series of 23 patients.

Rampal V, Odent T, Torchet MF, Rothschild C, Elie C, Glorion C, Padovani JP.

J Child Orthop. 2010 Feb;4(1):33-7. doi: 10.1007/s11832-009-0229-y. Epub 2010 Jan 8.


AlphaIIbbeta3 integrin: new allelic variants in Glanzmann thrombasthenia, effects on ITGA2B and ITGB3 mRNA splicing, expression, and structure-function.

Jallu V, Dusseaux M, Panzer S, Torchet MF, Hezard N, Goudemand J, de Brevern AG, Kaplan C.

Hum Mutat. 2010 Mar;31(3):237-46. doi: 10.1002/humu.21179.


Uncomplicated neurosurgical resection of a malignant glioneuronal tumour under haemostatic cover of rFVIIa in a severe haemophilia patient with a high-titre inhibitor: a case report and literature review of rFVIIa use in major surgeries.

Aouba A, Dezamis E, Sermet A, Rothschild C, Hermine O, Lasne D, Torchet MF.

Haemophilia. 2010 Jan;16(1):54-60. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2516.2009.02089.x. Epub 2009 Aug 26. Review.


Single-dose (270 microg kg(-1)) recombinant activated factor VII for the treatment and prevention of bleeds in haemophilia A patients with inhibitors: experience from seven European haemophilia centres.

Pan-Petesch B, Laguna P, Mital A, Stanley J, Torchet MF, Salek SZ, Salaj P.

Haemophilia. 2009 May;15(3):760-5. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2516.2008.01968.x. Epub 2009 Feb 27.


Early control of HIV-1 infection in long-term nonprogressors followed since diagnosis in the ANRS SEROCO/HEMOCO cohort.

Madec Y, Boufassa F, Avettand-Fenoel V, Hendou S, Melard A, Boucherit S, Surzyn J, Meyer L, Rouzioux C; ANRS SEROCO/HEMOCO Study Group..

J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2009 Jan 1;50(1):19-26. doi: 10.1097/QAI.0b013e31818ce709.


Epidemiological survey of haemophiliacs with inhibitors in France: orthopaedic status, quality of life and cost--the 'Statut Orthopédique des Patients Hémophiles' avec Inhibiteur study.

Stieltjes N, Torchet MF, Misrahi L, Roussel-Robert V, Lambert T, Guérois C, Bertrand MA, Briquel ME, Borel-Derlon A, Dirat G.

Blood Coagul Fibrinolysis. 2009 Jan;20(1):4-11.


Recurrence of a Phe31Ser mutation in the Gla domain of blood coagulation factor X, in unrelated Algerian families: a founder effect?

Akhavan S, Chafa O, Obame FN, Torchet MF, Reghis A, Fischer AM, Tapon-Bretaudière J.

Eur J Haematol. 2007 May;78(5):405-9. Epub 2007 Mar 28.


Intracranial haemorrhages in French haemophilia patients (1991-2001): clinical presentation, management and prognosis factors for death.

Stieltjes N, Calvez T, Demiguel V, Torchet MF, Briquel ME, Fressinaud E, Claeyssens S, Coatmelec B, Chambost H; French ICH Study Group..

Haemophilia. 2005 Sep;11(5):452-8.


Analysis of biological phenotypes from 42 patients with inherited factor VII deficiency: can biological tests predict the bleeding risk?

Giansily-Blaizot M, Verdier R, Biron-Adréani C, Schved JF, Bertrand MA, Borg JY, Le Cam-Duchez V, Briquel ME, Chambost H, Pouymayou K, Dutrillaux F, Favier R, Martin-Toutain I, Verdy E, Gay V, Goudemand J, Navarro R, Durin A, d'Oiron R, Lambert T, Pernod G, Barrot C, Peynet J, Bastenaire B, Sie P, Stieltjes N, Torchet MF, de Moerloose P; Study group of FVII deficiency..

Haematologica. 2004 Jun;89(6):704-9. Erratum in: Haematologica. 2007 Nov;92(11):1584. LeCam-Duchez, V [corrected to Le Cam-Duchez, V].


Factor VIII inhibitors development following introduction of B-domain-deleted recombinant factor VIII in four hemophilia A previously treated patients.

Roussel-Robert V, Torchet MF, Legrand F, Rothschild C, Stieltjes N.

J Thromb Haemost. 2003 Nov;1(11):2450-1. No abstract available.


European data of a clinical trial with a sucrose formulated recombinant factor VIII in previously treated haemophilia A patients.

Rothschild C, Scharrer I, Brackmann HH, Stieltjes N, Vicariot M, Torchet MF, Effenberger W.

Haemophilia. 2002 Mar;8 Suppl 2:10-4.


Use of recombinant factor VIIa (NovoSeven) in patients with Glanzmann thrombasthenia.

Poon MC, d'Oiron R, Hann I, Négrier C, de Lumley L, Thomas A, Karafoulidou A, Demers C, Street A, Huth-Kühne A, Petrini P, Fressinaud E, Morfini M, Tengborn L, Marquès-Verdier A, Musso R, Devecioglu O, Houston DS, Lethagen S, Van Geet C, von Depka M, Berger C, Beurrier P, Britton HA, Gerrits W, Guthner C, Kuhle S, Lorenzo JJ, Makris PE, Nohe N, Paugy P, Pautard B, Torchet MF, Trillot N, Vicariot M, Wilde J, Winter M, Chambost H, Ingerslev J, Peters M, Strauss G.

Semin Hematol. 2001 Oct;38(4 Suppl 12):21-5. Review.


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