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Comparing positive and negative reinforcement: A fantasy experiment.

Nevin JA, Mandell C.

J Exp Anal Behav. 2017 Jan;107(1):34-38. doi: 10.1002/jeab.237. Review.


A Distinct Gene Module for Dysfunction Uncoupled from Activation in Tumor-Infiltrating T Cells.

Singer M, Wang C, Cong L, Marjanovic ND, Kowalczyk MS, Zhang H, Nyman J, Sakuishi K, Kurtulus S, Gennert D, Xia J, Kwon JY, Nevin J, Herbst RH, Yanai I, Rozenblatt-Rosen O, Kuchroo VK, Regev A, Anderson AC.

Cell. 2016 Sep 8;166(6):1500-1511.e9. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2016.08.052.


Complete Genome Sequence of Bacillus thuringiensis Bacteriophage Smudge.

Cornell JL, Breslin E, Schuhmacher Z, Himelright M, Berluti C, Boyd C, Carson R, Del Gallo E, Giessler C, Gilliam B, Heatherly C, Nevin J, Nguyen B, Nguyen J, Parada J, Sutterfield B, Tukruni M, Temple L.

Genome Announc. 2016 Aug 18;4(4). pii: e00572-16. doi: 10.1128/genomeA.00572-16.


Effects of signaled and unsignaled alternative reinforcement on persistence and relapse in children and pigeons.

Nevin JA, Mace FC, DeLeon IG, Shahan TA, Shamlian KD, Lit K, Sheehan T, Frank-Crawford MA, Trauschke SL, Sweeney MM, Tarver DR, Craig AR.

J Exp Anal Behav. 2016 Jul;106(1):34-57. doi: 10.1002/jeab.213.


Benchmarking of surgical complications in gynaecological oncology: prospective multicentre study.

Burnell M, Iyer R, Gentry-Maharaj A, Nordin A, Liston R, Manchanda R, Das N, Gornall R, Beardmore-Gray A, Hillaby K, Leeson S, Linder A, Lopes A, Meechan D, Mould T, Nevin J, Olaitan A, Rufford B, Shanbhag S, Thackeray A, Wood N, Reynolds K, Ryan A, Menon U.

BJOG. 2016 Dec;123(13):2171-2180. doi: 10.1111/1471-0528.13994.


Patient-Reported Outcomes After Extensive (Ultraradical) Surgery for Ovarian Cancer: Results From a Prospective Longitudinal Feasibility Study.

Soo Hoo S, Marriott N, Houlton A, Nevin J, Balega J, Singh K, Yap J, Sethuram R, Elattar A, Luesley D, Kehoe S, Sundar S.

Int J Gynecol Cancer. 2015 Nov;25(9):1599-607. doi: 10.1097/IGC.0000000000000551.


Design and methodology of SNAP-1: a Sprint National Anaesthesia Project to measure patient reported outcome after anaesthesia.

Moonesinghe SR, Walker EM, Bell M; SNAP-1 Investigator Group..

Perioper Med (Lond). 2015 Apr 17;4:4. doi: 10.1186/s13741-015-0011-2.


Outcomes following implementation of symptom triggered diagnostic testing for ovarian cancer.

Rai N, Nevin J, Downey G, Abedin P, Balogun M, Kehoe S, Sundar S.

Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol. 2015 Apr;187:64-9. doi: 10.1016/j.ejogrb.2015.02.011.


Predictors of complications in gynaecological oncological surgery: a prospective multicentre study (UKGOSOC-UK gynaecological oncology surgical outcomes and complications).

Iyer R, Gentry-Maharaj A, Nordin A, Burnell M, Liston R, Manchanda R, Das N, Desai R, Gornall R, Beardmore-Gray A, Nevin J, Hillaby K, Leeson S, Linder A, Lopes A, Meechan D, Mould T, Varkey S, Olaitan A, Rufford B, Ryan A, Shanbhag S, Thackeray A, Wood N, Reynolds K, Menon U.

Br J Cancer. 2015 Feb 3;112(3):475-84. doi: 10.1038/bjc.2014.630.


Modeling the effects of sensory reinforcers on behavioral persistence with alternative reinforcement.

Sweeney MM, Moore K, Shahan TA, Ahearn WH, Dube WV, Nevin JA.

J Exp Anal Behav. 2014 Sep;102(2):252-66. doi: 10.1002/jeab.103.


Why so 'low'? Elderly diabetic female presents with altered mental status.

Nevin J.

JEMS. 2013 Nov;38(11):24-5. No abstract available.


A retrospective study to assess the utility of frequent laboratory monitoring of pediatric patients with sickle cell disease on hydroxyurea.

Nevin J, Myers L, Osunkwo I, Kanter J.

J Pediatr Hematol Oncol. 2014 Apr;36(3):e180-4. doi: 10.1097/MPH.0000000000000035.


Patient-reporting improves estimates of postoperative complication rates: a prospective cohort study in gynaecological oncology.

Iyer R, Gentry-Maharaj A, Nordin A, Liston R, Burnell M, Das N, Desai R, Gornall R, Beardmore-Gray A, Hillaby K, Leeson S, Linder A, Lopes A, Meechan D, Mould T, Nevin J, Olaitan A, Rufford B, Ryan A, Shanbhag S, Thackeray A, Wood N, Reynolds K, Menon U.

Br J Cancer. 2013 Aug 6;109(3):623-32. doi: 10.1038/bjc.2013.366.


Haemophilus influenzae type B in an immunocompetent, fully vaccinated ALL survivor.

Nevin J, Kanter Washko J, Arnold J.

Pediatrics. 2013 May;131(5):e1639-42. doi: 10.1542/peds.2012-1126.


Comment on Gallistel: behavior theory and information theory: some parallels.

Nevin JA.

Behav Processes. 2012 May;90(1):84-6; discussion 87-8. doi: 10.1016/j.beproc.2012.02.009.


Resistance to extinction and behavioral momentum.

Nevin JA.

Behav Processes. 2012 May;90(1):89-97. doi: 10.1016/j.beproc.2012.02.006.


Response strength in extreme multiple schedules.

McLean AP, Grace RC, Nevin JA.

J Exp Anal Behav. 2012 Jan;97(1):51-70. doi: 10.1901/jeab.2012.97-51.


Behavioral momentum theory: equations and applications.

Nevin JA, Shahan TA.

J Appl Behav Anal. 2011 Winter;44(4):877-95. doi: 10.1901/jaba.2011.44-877. Erratum in: J Appl Behav Anal. 2013 Fall;46(3):704-5.


Delayed matching to sample: reinforcement has opposite effects on resistance to change in two related procedures.

Nevin JA, Shahan TA, Odum AL, Ward R.

Learn Behav. 2012 Dec;40(4):380-92. doi: 10.3758/s13420-011-0059-x.


An evaluation of persistence of treatment effects during long-term treatment of destructive behavior.

Wacker DP, Harding JW, Berg WK, Lee JF, Schieltz KM, Padilla YC, Nevin JA, Shahan TA.

J Exp Anal Behav. 2011 Sep;96(2):261-82. doi: 10.1901/jeab.2011.96-261.

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