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Guided Act and Feel Indonesia (GAF-ID) - Internet-based behavioral activation intervention for depression in Indonesia: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.

Arjadi R, Nauta MH, Scholte WF, Hollon SD, Chowdhary N, Suryani AO, Bockting CL.

Trials. 2016 Sep 17;17(1):455. doi: 10.1186/s13063-016-1577-9.


Predictors of discrepancies between fathers and mothers in rating behaviors of preschool children with and without ADHD.

van der Veen-Mulders L, Nauta MH, Timmerman ME, van den Hoofdakker BJ, Hoekstra PJ.

Eur Child Adolesc Psychiatry. 2016 Aug 30.


Imagery Rescripting: The Impact of Conceptual and Perceptual Changes on Aversive Autobiographical Memories.

Slofstra C, Nauta MH, Holmes EA, Bockting CL.

PLoS One. 2016 Aug 3;11(8):e0160235. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0160235.


A Fresh Pair of Eyes: A Blind Observation Method for Evaluating Social Skills of Children with ASD in a Naturalistic Peer Situation in School.

Dekker V, Nauta MH, Mulder EJ, Sytema S, de Bildt A.

J Autism Dev Disord. 2016 Sep;46(9):2890-904. doi: 10.1007/s10803-016-2829-y.


Genome-wide association study of response to cognitive-behavioural therapy in children with anxiety disorders.

Coleman JR, Lester KJ, Keers R, Roberts S, Curtis C, Arendt K, Bögels S, Cooper P, Creswell C, Dalgleish T, Hartman CA, Heiervang ER, Hötzel K, Hudson JL, In-Albon T, Lavallee K, Lyneham HJ, Marin CE, Meiser-Stedman R, Morris T, Nauta MH, Rapee RM, Schneider S, Schneider SC, Silverman WK, Thastum M, Thirlwall K, Waite P, Wergeland GJ, Breen G, Eley TC.

Br J Psychiatry. 2016 Sep;209(3):236-43. doi: 10.1192/bjp.bp.115.168229.


Religiosity in young adolescents with auditory vocal hallucinations.

Steenhuis LA, Bartels-Velthuis AA, Jenner JA, Aleman A, Bruggeman R, Nauta MH, Pijnenborg GH.

Psychiatry Res. 2016 Feb 28;236:158-64. doi: 10.1016/j.psychres.2015.12.014.


Treating Depressive Symptoms in Psychosis: A Network Meta-Analysis on the Effects of Non-Verbal Therapies.

Steenhuis LA, Nauta MH, Bocking CL, Pijnenborg GH.

PLoS One. 2015 Oct 20;10(10):e0140637. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0140637.


Non-replication of the association between 5HTTLPR and response to psychological therapy for child anxiety disorders.

Lester KJ, Roberts S, Keers R, Coleman JR, Breen G, Wong CC, Xu X, Arendt K, Blatter-Meunier J, Bögels S, Cooper P, Creswell C, Heiervang ER, Herren C, Hogendoorn SM, Hudson JL, Krause K, Lyneham HJ, McKinnon A, Morris T, Nauta MH, Rapee RM, Rey Y, Schneider S, Schneider SC, Silverman WK, Smith P, Thastum M, Thirlwall K, Waite P, Wergeland GJ, Eley TC.

Br J Psychiatry. 2016 Feb;208(2):182-8. doi: 10.1192/bjp.bp.114.154997.


The multidisciplinary depression guideline for children and adolescents: an implementation study.

Hermens ML, Oud M, Sinnema H, Nauta MH, Stikkelbroek Y, van Duin D, Wensing M.

Eur Child Adolesc Psychiatry. 2015 Oct;24(10):1207-18. doi: 10.1007/s00787-014-0670-4.


Experience sampling and ecological momentary assessment for studying the daily lives of patients with anxiety disorders: a systematic review.

Walz LC, Nauta MH, Aan Het Rot M.

J Anxiety Disord. 2014 Dec;28(8):925-37. doi: 10.1016/j.janxdis.2014.09.022. Review.


Severity of borderline personality symptoms in adolescence: relationship with maternal parenting stress, maternal psychopathology, and rearing styles.

Schuppert HM, Albers CJ, Minderaa RB, Emmelkamp PM, Nauta MH.

J Pers Disord. 2015 Jun;29(3):289-302. doi: 10.1521/pedi_2104_28_155.


Paternal influences on treatment outcome of behavioral parent training in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

van den Hoofdakker BJ, Hoekstra PJ, van der Veen-Mulders L, Sytema S, Emmelkamp PM, Minderaa RB, Nauta MH.

Eur Child Adolesc Psychiatry. 2014 Nov;23(11):1071-9. doi: 10.1007/s00787-014-0557-4.


Types of parental involvement in CBT with anxious youth: a preliminary meta-analysis.

Manassis K, Lee TC, Bennett K, Zhao XY, Mendlowitz S, Duda S, Saini M, Wilansky P, Baer S, Barrett P, Bodden D, Cobham VE, Dadds MR, Flannery-Schroeder E, Ginsburg G, Heyne D, Hudson JL, Kendall PC, Liber J, Masia-Warner C, Nauta MH, Rapee RM, Silverman W, Siqueland L, Spence SH, Utens E, Wood JJ.

J Consult Clin Psychol. 2014 Dec;82(6):1163-72. doi: 10.1037/a0036969.


Parents' perceptions on offspring risk and prevention of anxiety and depression: a qualitative study.

Festen H, Schipper K, de Vries SO, Reichart CG, Abma TA, Nauta MH.

BMC Psychol. 2014 Jun 30;2(1):17. doi: 10.1186/2050-7283-2-17.


Implicit and explicit self-esteem and their reciprocal relationship with symptoms of depression and social anxiety: a longitudinal study in adolescents.

van Tuijl LA, de Jong PJ, Sportel BE, de Hullu E, Nauta MH.

J Behav Ther Exp Psychiatry. 2014 Mar;45(1):113-21. doi: 10.1016/j.jbtep.2013.09.007.


The anxiety severity interview for children and adolescents: an individualized repeated measure of anxiety severity.

Hogendoorn SM, de Haan E, Wolters LH, Vervoort L, Prins PJ, de Bourgraaf A, Scheerman NA, Nauta MH, Hartman CA, Boer F, Goodman WK.

Clin Psychol Psychother. 2014 Nov-Dec;21(6):525-35. doi: 10.1002/cpp.1863.


Mediators of cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety-disordered children and adolescents: cognition, perceived control, and coping.

Hogendoorn SM, Prins PJ, Boer F, Vervoort L, Wolters LH, Moorlag H, Nauta MH, Garst H, Hartman CA, de Haan E.

J Clin Child Adolesc Psychol. 2014;43(3):486-500. doi: 10.1080/15374416.2013.807736.


Cognitive bias modification versus CBT in reducing adolescent social anxiety: a randomized controlled trial.

Sportel BE, de Hullu E, de Jong PJ, Nauta MH.

PLoS One. 2013;8(5):e64355. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0064355.


Cognitive behavioral therapy age effects in child and adolescent anxiety: an individual patient data metaanalysis.

Bennett K, Manassis K, Walter SD, Cheung A, Wilansky-Traynor P, Diaz-Granados N, Duda S, Rice M, Baer S, Barrett P, Bodden D, Cobham VE, Dadds MR, Flannery-Schroeder E, Ginsburg G, Heyne D, Hudson JL, Kendall PC, Liber J, Warner CM, Mendlowitz S, Nauta MH, Rapee RM, Silverman W, Siqueland L, Spence SH, Utens E, Wood JJ.

Depress Anxiety. 2013 Sep;30(9):829-41. doi: 10.1002/da.22099.

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