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User satisfaction with primary health care by region in Brazil: 1st cycle of external evaluation from PMAQ-AB.

Protasio APL, Gomes LB, Machado LDS, Valença AMG.

Cien Saude Colet. 2017 Jun;22(6):1829-1844. doi: 10.1590/1413-81232017226.26472015. Portuguese, English.


Immunological and virological characterization of HIV-1 viremia controllers in the North Region of Brazil.

Gomes STM, Gomes ÉR, Dos Santos MB, Lima SS, Queiroz MAF, Machado LFA, Cayres-Vallinoto IMV, Vallinoto ACR, de O Guimarães Ishak M, Ishak R.

BMC Infect Dis. 2017 Jun 1;17(1):381. doi: 10.1186/s12879-017-2491-9.


Effect of a trans fatty acid-enriched diet on mitochondrial, inflammatory, and oxidative stress parameters in the cortex and hippocampus of Wistar rats.

Longhi R, Almeida RF, Pettenuzzo LF, Souza DG, Machado L, Quincozes-Santos A, Souza DO.

Eur J Nutr. 2017 May 31. doi: 10.1007/s00394-017-1474-3. [Epub ahead of print]


Repeated Computerized Cognitive Testing: Performance Shifts and Test-Retest Reliability in Healthy Young Adults.

White N, Forsyth B, Lee A, Machado L.

Psychol Assess. 2017 May 29. doi: 10.1037/pas0000503. [Epub ahead of print]


Physical Activity Prevalence and Correlates Among New Zealand Older Adults.

Guiney H, Keall M, Machado L.

J Aging Phys Act. 2017 May 1:1-27. doi: 10.1123/japa.2016-0393. [Epub ahead of print]


In vitro fatigue tests and in silico finite element analysis of dental implants with different fixture/abutment joint types using computer-aided design models.

Yamaguchi S, Yamanishi Y, Machado LS, Matsumoto S, Tovar N, Coelho PG, Thompson VP, Imazato S.

J Prosthodont Res. 2017 Apr 17. pii: S1883-1958(17)30043-9. doi: 10.1016/j.jpor.2017.03.006. [Epub ahead of print]


HBV Viral Load and Liver Enzyme Levels May Be Associated with the Wild MBL2 AA Genotype.

Moura TC, Amoras ED, Araújo MS, Freitas Queiroz MA, Conde SR, Demachki S, Martins-Feitosa RN, Machado LF, Cayres-Vallinoto IM, Ishak R, Vallinoto AC.

Mediators Inflamm. 2017;2017:3718451. doi: 10.1155/2017/3718451. Epub 2017 Mar 12.


Lower genetic variability of HIV-1 and antiretroviral drug resistance in pregnant women from the state of Pará, Brazil.

Machado LF, Costa IB, Folha MN, da Luz AL, Vallinoto AC, Ishak R, Ishak MO.

BMC Infect Dis. 2017 Apr 12;17(1):270. doi: 10.1186/s12879-017-2392-y.


Phylogenetic positioning of the Antarctic alga Prasiola crispa (Trebouxiophyceae) using organellar genomes and their structural analysis.

Carvalho EL, Wallau GL, Rangel DL, Machado LC, Pereira AB, Victoria FC, Boldo JT, Pinto PM.

J Phycol. 2017 Apr 10. doi: 10.1111/jpy.12541. [Epub ahead of print]


The KIM-family protein-tyrosine phosphatases use distinct reversible oxidation intermediates: Intramolecular or intermolecular disulfide bond formation.

Machado LESF, Shen TL, Page R, Peti W.

J Biol Chem. 2017 May 26;292(21):8786-8796. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M116.774174. Epub 2017 Apr 7.


Factors associated with user satisfaction regarding treatment offered in Brazilian primary health care.

Protasio AP, Gomes LB, Machado LD, Valença AM.

Cad Saude Publica. 2017 Mar 30;33(2):e00184715. doi: 10.1590/0102-311X00184715.


Population genetics of immune-related multilocus copy number variation in Native Americans.

Zuccherato LW, Schneider S, Tarazona-Santos E, Hardwick RJ, Berg DE, Bogle H, Gouveia MH, Machado LR, Machado M, Rodrigues-Soares F, Soares-Souza GB, Togni DL, Zamudio R, Gilman RH, Duarte D, Hollox EJ, Rodrigues MR.

J R Soc Interface. 2017 Mar;14(128). pii: 20170057. doi: 10.1098/rsif.2017.0057.


Fixed-flexion knee radiography using a new positioning device produced highly repeatable measurements of joint space width: ELSA-Brasil Musculoskeletal Study (ELSA-Brasil MSK).

Telles RW, Costa-Silva L, Machado LA, Reis RC, Barreto SM.

Rev Bras Reumatol Engl Ed. 2017 Mar - Apr;57(2):154-161. doi: 10.1016/j.rbre.2016.11.010. Epub 2016 Dec 22. English, Portuguese.


Polymorphisms in genes TLR1, 2 and 4 are associated with differential cytokine and chemokine serum production in patients with leprosy.

Santana NL, Rêgo JL, Oliveira JM, Almeida LF, Braz M, Machado LM, Machado PR, Castellucci LC.

Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz. 2017 Apr;112(4):260-268. doi: 10.1590/0074-02760160366. Epub 2017 Mar 2.


Metabolic risk management, physical exercise and lifestyle counselling in low-active adults: controlled randomized trial (BELLUGAT).

Ensenyat A, Espigares-Tribo G, Machado L, Verdejo FJ, Rodriguez-Arregui R, Serrano J, Miret M, Galindo G, Blanco A, Marsal JR, Sarriegui S, Sinfreu-Bergues X, Serra-Paya N.

BMC Public Health. 2017 Mar 14;17(1):257. doi: 10.1186/s12889-017-4144-8.


Correlation between the degree of correction of neuromuscular scoliosis and patient quality of life.

Nordon DG, Lugão AF, Machado LC, Marcon RM, Cristante AF, de Barros TE Filho, Letaif OB.

Clinics (Sao Paulo). 2017 Feb 1;72(2):71-80. doi: 10.6061/clinics/2017(02)02.


Two-Year Clinical Evaluation of a Nanofilled Etch-and-Rinse and a Self-Etch Adhesive System Containing MDPB and Fluoride in Non-carious Cervical Lesions.

de Oliveira FG, Machado LS, Sundfeld-Neto D, Giannini M, Briso AL, Dos Santos PH, Sundefeld ML, Sundfeld RH.

Compend Contin Educ Dent. 2017 Mar;38(3):e1-e4.


Oxygen uptake kinetics and energy system's contribution around maximal lactate steady state swimming intensity.

Pelarigo JG, Machado L, Fernandes RJ, Greco CC, Vilas-Boas JP.

PLoS One. 2017 Feb 28;12(2):e0167263. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0167263. eCollection 2017.


Conformational Rigidity and Protein Dynamics at Distinct Timescales Regulate PTP1B Activity and Allostery.

Choy MS, Li Y, Machado LE, Kunze MB, Connors CR, Wei X, Lindorff-Larsen K, Page R, Peti W.

Mol Cell. 2017 Feb 16;65(4):644-658.e5. doi: 10.1016/j.molcel.2017.01.014.


Phylogenomic relationship of feijoa (Acca sellowiana (O.Berg) Burret) with other Myrtaceae based on complete chloroplast genome sequences.

Machado LO, Vieira LD, Stefenon VM, Oliveira Pedrosa F, Souza EM, Guerra MP, Nodari RO.

Genetica. 2017 Apr;145(2):163-174. doi: 10.1007/s10709-017-9954-1. Epub 2017 Feb 9.


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