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The degree of segmental aneuploidy measured by total copy number abnormalities predicts survival and recurrence in superficial gastroesophageal adenocarcinoma.

Davison JM, Yee M, Krill-Burger JM, Lyons-Weiler MA, Kelly LA, Sciulli CM, Nason KS, Luketich JD, Michalopoulos GK, LaFramboise WA.

PLoS One. 2014 Jan 16;9(1):e79079. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0079079.


Serum protein profiles predict coronary artery disease in symptomatic patients referred for coronary angiography.

LaFramboise WA, Dhir R, Kelly LA, Petrosko P, Krill-Burger JM, Sciulli CM, Lyons-Weiler MA, Chandran UR, Lomakin A, Masterson RV, Marroquin OC, Mulukutla SR, McNamara DM.

BMC Med. 2012 Dec 5;10:157. doi: 10.1186/1741-7015-10-157.


Clinical integration of next-generation sequencing technology.

Gullapalli RR, Lyons-Weiler M, Petrosko P, Dhir R, Becich MJ, LaFramboise WA.

Clin Lab Med. 2012 Dec;32(4):585-99. doi: 10.1016/j.cll.2012.07.005. Review.


MicroRNA-137 promoter methylation is associated with poorer overall survival in patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck.

Langevin SM, Stone RA, Bunker CH, Lyons-Weiler MA, LaFramboise WA, Kelly L, Seethala RR, Grandis JR, Sobol RW, Taioli E.

Cancer. 2011 Apr 1;117(7):1454-62. doi: 10.1002/cncr.25689.


A novel SNP analysis method to detect copy number alterations with an unbiased reference signal directly from tumor samples.

Lisovich A, Chandran UR, Lyons-Weiler MA, LaFramboise WA, Brown AR, Jakacki RI, Pollack IF, Sobol RW.

BMC Med Genomics. 2011 Jan 26;4:14. doi: 10.1186/1755-8794-4-14.


Reproducibility and performance of virtual karyotyping with SNP microarrays for the detection of chromosomal imbalances in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues.

Alvarez K, Kash SF, Lyons-Weiler MA, Kim HJ, Peterson LE, Mathai B, Hagenkord JM, Monzon FA.

Diagn Mol Pathol. 2010 Sep;19(3):127-34. doi: 10.1097/PDM.0b013e3181d527c5.


IDH1 mutations are common in malignant gliomas arising in adolescents: a report from the Children's Oncology Group.

Pollack IF, Hamilton RL, Sobol RW, Nikiforova MN, Lyons-Weiler MA, LaFramboise WA, Burger PC, Brat DJ, Rosenblum MK, Holmes EJ, Zhou T, Jakacki RI; Children's Oncology Group..

Childs Nerv Syst. 2011 Jan;27(1):87-94. doi: 10.1007/s00381-010-1264-1.


Mismatch repair deficiency is an uncommon mechanism of alkylator resistance in pediatric malignant gliomas: a report from the Children's Oncology Group.

Pollack IF, Hamilton RL, Sobol RW, Nikiforova MN, Nikiforov YE, Lyons-Weiler MA, LaFramboise WA, Burger PC, Brat DJ, Rosenblum MK, Gilles FH, Yates AJ, Zhou T, Cohen KJ, Finlay JL, Jakacki RI; Children's Oncology Group..

Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2010 Dec 1;55(6):1066-71. doi: 10.1002/pbc.22634.


Identification of tissue of origin in carcinoma of unknown primary with a microarray-based gene expression test.

Monzon FA, Medeiros F, Lyons-Weiler M, Henner WD.

Diagn Pathol. 2010 Jan 13;5:3. doi: 10.1186/1746-1596-5-3.


Multicenter validation of a 1,550-gene expression profile for identification of tumor tissue of origin.

Monzon FA, Lyons-Weiler M, Buturovic LJ, Rigl CT, Henner WD, Sciulli C, Dumur CI, Medeiros F, Anderson GG.

J Clin Oncol. 2009 May 20;27(15):2503-8. doi: 10.1200/JCO.2008.17.9762.


Virtual karyotyping with SNP microarrays reduces uncertainty in the diagnosis of renal epithelial tumors.

Hagenkord JM, Parwani AV, Lyons-Weiler MA, Alvarez K, Amato R, Gatalica Z, Gonzalez-Berjon JM, Peterson L, Dhir R, Monzon FA.

Diagn Pathol. 2008 Nov 6;3:44. doi: 10.1186/1746-1596-3-44.


Optimization of the Affymetrix GeneChip Mapping 10K 2.0 Assay for routine clinical use on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues.

Lyons-Weiler M, Hagenkord J, Sciulli C, Dhir R, Monzon FA.

Diagn Mol Pathol. 2008 Mar;17(1):3-13. doi: 10.1097/PDM.0b013e31815aca30.


Whole genome SNP arrays as a potential diagnostic tool for the detection of characteristic chromosomal aberrations in renal epithelial tumors.

Monzon FA, Hagenkord JM, Lyons-Weiler MA, Balani JP, Parwani AV, Sciulli CM, Li J, Chandran UR, Bastacky SI, Dhir R.

Mod Pathol. 2008 May;21(5):599-608. doi: 10.1038/modpathol.2008.20.


Interlaboratory performance of a microarray-based gene expression test to determine tissue of origin in poorly differentiated and undifferentiated cancers.

Dumur CI, Lyons-Weiler M, Sciulli C, Garrett CT, Schrijver I, Holley TK, Rodriguez-Paris J, Pollack JR, Zehnder JL, Price M, Hagenkord JM, Rigl CT, Buturovic LJ, Anderson GG, Monzon FA.

J Mol Diagn. 2008 Jan;10(1):67-77.


Gene expression profiles of prostate cancer reveal involvement of multiple molecular pathways in the metastatic process.

Chandran UR, Ma C, Dhir R, Bisceglia M, Lyons-Weiler M, Liang W, Michalopoulos G, Becich M, Monzon FA.

BMC Cancer. 2007 Apr 12;7:64.


In vitro transcription amplification and labeling methods contribute to the variability of gene expression profiling with DNA microarrays.

Ma C, Lyons-Weiler M, Liang W, LaFramboise W, Gilbertson JR, Becich MJ, Monzon FA.

J Mol Diagn. 2006 May;8(2):183-92.


The colonization of land by animals: molecular phylogeny and divergence times among arthropods.

Pisani D, Poling LL, Lyons-Weiler M, Hedges SB.

BMC Biol. 2004 Jan 19;2:1.


Human and ape molecular clocks and constraints on paleontological hypotheses.

Stauffer RL, Walker A, Ryder OA, Lyons-Weiler M, Hedges SB.

J Hered. 2001 Nov-Dec;92(6):469-74.

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