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Giant Ring Mitochondria in a Patient with Heart Failure and Cerebral White Matter Disease Due to MT-TL1 Mitochondrial Gene Mutation.

Houston BA, Judge DP, Brown E, Halushka M, Barouch LA.

J Card Fail. 2017 Jun 14. pii: S1071-9164(17)30186-0. doi: 10.1016/j.cardfail.2017.06.001. [Epub ahead of print]


Exercise training provides cardioprotection by activating and coupling endothelial nitric oxide synthase via a β3-adrenergic receptor-AMP-activated protein kinase signaling pathway.

Barr LA, Lambert JP, Shimizu Y, Barouch LA, Naqvi N, Calvert JW.

Med Gas Res. 2017 Mar 30;7(1):1-8. doi: 10.4103/2045-9912.202904. eCollection 2017 Jan-Mar.


Progress for peripartum cardiomyopathy.

Barouch LA.

Trends Cardiovasc Med. 2015 Jul;25(5):407-8. doi: 10.1016/j.tcm.2014.12.010. Epub 2014 Dec 19. No abstract available.


Anti-hypertrophic and anti-oxidant effect of beta3-adrenergic stimulation in myocytes requires differential neuronal NOS phosphorylation.

Watts VL, Sepulveda FM, Cingolani OH, Ho AS, Niu X, Kim R, Miller KL, Vandegaer K, Bedja D, Gabrielson KL, Rameau G, O'Rourke B, Kass DA, Barouch LA.

J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2013 Sep;62:8-17. doi: 10.1016/j.yjmcc.2013.04.025. Epub 2013 May 2.


Beneficial cardiac effects of caloric restriction are lost with age in a murine model of obesity.

AlGhatrif M, Watts VL, Niu X, Halushka M, Miller KL, Vandegaer K, Bedja D, Fox-Talbot K, Bielawska A, Gabrielson KL, Barouch LA.

J Cardiovasc Transl Res. 2013 Jun;6(3):436-45. doi: 10.1007/s12265-013-9453-4. Epub 2013 Mar 2.


The variable natural history of idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy.

Parakh K, Kittleson MM, Heidecker B, Wittstein IS, Judge DP, Champion HC, Barouch LA, Baughman KL, Russell SD, Kasper EK, Sitammagari KK, Hare JM.

Isr Med Assoc J. 2012 Nov;14(11):666-71.


Interleukin 10 knockout frail mice develop cardiac and vascular dysfunction with increased age.

Sikka G, Miller KL, Steppan J, Pandey D, Jung SM, Fraser CD 3rd, Ellis C, Ross D, Vandegaer K, Bedja D, Gabrielson K, Walston JD, Berkowitz DE, Barouch LA.

Exp Gerontol. 2013 Feb;48(2):128-35. doi: 10.1016/j.exger.2012.11.001. Epub 2012 Nov 13.


Cardioprotective effect of beta-3 adrenergic receptor agonism: role of neuronal nitric oxide synthase.

Niu X, Watts VL, Cingolani OH, Sivakumaran V, Leyton-Mange JS, Ellis CL, Miller KL, Vandegaer K, Bedja D, Gabrielson KL, Paolocci N, Kass DA, Barouch LA.

J Am Coll Cardiol. 2012 May 29;59(22):1979-87. doi: 10.1016/j.jacc.2011.12.046. Erratum in: J Am Coll Cardiol. 2012 Jul 31;60(5):481.


Beta3-adrenoreceptor stimulation ameliorates myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury via endothelial nitric oxide synthase and neuronal nitric oxide synthase activation.

Aragón JP, Condit ME, Bhushan S, Predmore BL, Patel SS, Grinsfelder DB, Gundewar S, Jha S, Calvert JW, Barouch LA, Lavu M, Wright HM, Lefer DJ.

J Am Coll Cardiol. 2011 Dec 13;58(25):2683-91. doi: 10.1016/j.jacc.2011.09.033.


Exercise protects against myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury via stimulation of β(3)-adrenergic receptors and increased nitric oxide signaling: role of nitrite and nitrosothiols.

Calvert JW, Condit ME, Aragón JP, Nicholson CK, Moody BF, Hood RL, Sindler AL, Gundewar S, Seals DR, Barouch LA, Lefer DJ.

Circ Res. 2011 Jun 10;108(12):1448-58. doi: 10.1161/CIRCRESAHA.111.241117. Epub 2011 Apr 28.


Caloric restriction in leptin deficiency does not correct myocardial steatosis: failure to normalize PPAR{alpha}/PGC1{alpha} and thermogenic glycerolipid/fatty acid cycling.

Rame JE, Barouch LA, Sack MN, Lynn EG, Abu-Asab M, Tsokos M, Kern SJ, Barb JJ, Munson PJ, Halushka MK, Miller KL, Fox-Talbot K, Zhang J, Hare JM, Solomon MA, Danner RL.

Physiol Genomics. 2011 Jun 28;43(12):726-38. doi: 10.1152/physiolgenomics.00088.2010. Epub 2011 Mar 22.


Restoring leptin signaling reduces hyperlipidemia and improves vascular stiffness induced by chronic intermittent hypoxia.

Yang R, Sikka G, Larson J, Watts VL, Niu X, Ellis CL, Miller KL, Camara A, Reinke C, Savransky V, Polotsky VY, O'Donnell CP, Berkowitz DE, Barouch LA.

Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2011 Apr;300(4):H1467-76. doi: 10.1152/ajpheart.00604.2009. Epub 2011 Jan 28.


β2-adrenergic receptor-coupled phosphoinositide 3-kinase constrains cAMP-dependent increases in cardiac inotropy through phosphodiesterase 4 activation.

Gregg CJ, Steppan J, Gonzalez DR, Champion HC, Phan AC, Nyhan D, Shoukas AA, Hare JM, Barouch LA, Berkowitz DE.

Anesth Analg. 2010 Oct;111(4):870-7. doi: 10.1213/ANE.0b013e3181ee8312. Epub 2010 Aug 12.


Beta 3-adrenoreceptor regulation of nitric oxide in the cardiovascular system.

Moens AL, Yang R, Watts VL, Barouch LA.

J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2010 Jun;48(6):1088-95. doi: 10.1016/j.yjmcc.2010.02.011. Epub 2010 Feb 23. Review.


PDE5A suppression of acute beta-adrenergic activation requires modulation of myocyte beta-3 signaling coupled to PKG-mediated troponin I phosphorylation.

Lee DI, Vahebi S, Tocchetti CG, Barouch LA, Solaro RJ, Takimoto E, Kass DA.

Basic Res Cardiol. 2010 May;105(3):337-47. doi: 10.1007/s00395-010-0084-5. Epub 2010 Jan 27.


Effect of intermittent hypoxia on atherosclerosis in apolipoprotein E-deficient mice.

Jun J, Reinke C, Bedja D, Berkowitz D, Bevans-Fonti S, Li J, Barouch LA, Gabrielson K, Polotsky VY.

Atherosclerosis. 2010 Apr;209(2):381-6. doi: 10.1016/j.atherosclerosis.2009.10.017. Epub 2009 Oct 17.


Adverse ventricular remodeling and exacerbated NOS uncoupling from pressure-overload in mice lacking the beta3-adrenoreceptor.

Moens AL, Leyton-Mange JS, Niu X, Yang R, Cingolani O, Arkenbout EK, Champion HC, Bedja D, Gabrielson KL, Chen J, Xia Y, Hale AB, Channon KM, Halushka MK, Barker N, Wuyts FL, Kaminski PM, Wolin MS, Kass DA, Barouch LA.

J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2009 Nov;47(5):576-85. doi: 10.1016/j.yjmcc.2009.06.005. Epub 2009 Sep 18.


The change in B-type natriuretic peptide levels over time predicts significant rejection in cardiac transplant recipients.

Kittleson MM, Skojec DV, Wittstein IS, Champion HC, Judge DP, Barouch LA, Halushka M, Hare JM, Kasper EK, Russell SD.

J Heart Lung Transplant. 2009 Jul;28(7):704-9. doi: 10.1016/j.healun.2009.04.019.


Resolution of giant cell myocarditis after extended ventricular assistance.

Eid SM, Schamp D, Halushka MK, Barouch LA.

Arch Pathol Lab Med. 2009 Jan;133(1):138-41. doi: 10.1043/1543-2165-133.1.138.


Cardiomyocyte apoptosis in animal models of obesity.

Trivedi PS, Barouch LA.

Curr Hypertens Rep. 2008 Dec;10(6):454-60. Review.


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