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Cell. 1994 Feb 25;76(4):623-37.

In vitro reconstitution of centrosome assembly and function: the central role of gamma-tubulin.

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Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of California Medical School, San Francisco 94143.


The centrosome nucleates microtubule polymerization, affecting microtubule number, polarity, and structure. We use an in vitro system based on extracts of Xenopus eggs to examine the role of gamma-tubulin in centrosome assembly and function. gamma-Tubulin is present in the cytoplasm of frog eggs and vertebrate somatic cells in a large approximately 25S complex. The egg extracts assemble centrosomes around sperm centrioles. Formation of a centrosome in the extract requires both the gamma-tubulin complex and ATP and can take place in the absence of microtubules. gamma-Tubulin is not present on the sperm prior to incubation in extract, but is recruited from the cytoplasm during centrosome assembly. The gamma-tubulin complex also binds to microtubules, likely the minus end, independent of the centrosome. These results suggest that gamma-tubulin is an essential component of the link between the centrosome and the microtubule, probably playing a direct role in microtubule nucleation.

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