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J Mol Biol. 1983 Dec 25;171(4):479-88.

Correlation of sequence hydrophobicities measures similarity in three-dimensional protein structure.


The degree of similarity in the three-dimensional structures of two proteins can be examined by comparing the patterns of hydrophobicity found in their amino acid sequences. Each type of amino acid residue is assigned a numerical hydrophobicity, and the correlation coefficient rH is computed between all pairs of residues in the two sequences. In tests on sequences from two properly aligned proteins of similar three-dimensional structures, rH is found in the range 0.3 to 0.7. Improperly aligned sequences or unrelated sequences give rH near zero. By considering the observed frequency of amino acid replacements among related structures, a set of optimal matching hydrophobicities (OMHs) was derived. With this set of OMHs, significant correlation coefficients are calculated for similar three-dimensional structures, even though the two sequences contain few identical residues. An example is the two similar folding domains of rhodanese (rH = 0.5). Predictions are made of similar three-dimensional structures for the alpha and beta chains of the various phycobiliproteins, and for delta hemolysin and melittin.

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