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J Endocrinol. 1984 May;101(2):231-40.

Ovarian steroid metabolism and oestrogens in the corpus luteum of the tammar wallaby.


Ovaries were obtained from tammar wallabies at various stages of the reproductive cycle to examine the occurrence of oestrogens in corpora lutea, and the synthesis and metabolism of steroids in the corpus luteum and ovarian cortical and interstitial tissues. Corpora lutea contained oestradiol-17 beta and oestrone during embryonic diapause and at all stages of pregnancy studied after blastocyst activation. Aryl sulphatase, 3 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase and 17 beta-oxidoreductase were shown to be present in luteal and other ovarian tissues by incubation in vitro with labelled substrates. Aromatase was undetectable in corpora lutea or in interstitial tissue, but was present in the ovarian tissues (including follicles) which remained after removal of corpora lutea. The probable source of the oestrogens detected in the corpus luteum is discussed in relation to their role in the inhibition of follicular development during embyronic diapause.

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