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J Reprod Fertil. 1979 May;56(1):249-54.

The effects of corpus luteum removal during gestation on parturition in the tammar wallaby (Macorpus eugenii).


Removal of the corpus luteum of pregnancy of the tammar wallaby interfered with successful parturition if carried out before Day 17 of the 27-day pregnancy. After removal at Days 17 and 21, 40% of animals gave birth but pouch young died with 24 h; if performed at Days 23 or 25, pouch young survived. However, surgery also affected sham-operated controls if performed between Days 15 and 21. In control animals, sodium pentobarbitone followed by halothane anaesthesia was the least disruptive anaesthetic procedure. This study shows that the corpus luteum has an essential role in parturition and subsequent survival of the neonate in the pouch.

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