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Br J Clin Pharmacol. 1979 Jun;7(6):599-603.

Clofibrate and diabetes control in patients treated with oral hypoglycaemic agents.


1. Twenty-two maturity-onset type diabetics treated with oral hypoglycaemic agents entered a single-blind crossover study using placebo (periods A and C, 2 months each) and clofibrate (2 g/day; period B; 2 months). 2. In thirteen patients, under reasonably good control, clofibrate did not reduce fasting or post-prandial blood glucose, nor 24 h glycosuria; no improvement was noted in the M-value, an index of diabetes control. 3. In contrast, in nine patients, with poor diabetes control, clofibrate reduced 24 h glycosuria and significantly improved the M-value. 4. In all patients, clofibrate therapy was associated with a significant 19-23% reduction in plasma fibrinogen. 5. It is suggested that addition of clofibrate may be useful in maturity-onset diabetics not adequately controlled by diet combined with oral hypoglycaemic agents.

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