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Xenobiotica. 2017 Feb;47(2):119-126. doi: 10.3109/00498254.2016.1166531. Epub 2016 Jun 29.

Quantitative projection of human brain penetration of the H3 antagonist PF-03654746 by integrating rat-derived brain partitioning and PET receptor occupancy.

Author information

a Departments of Pharmacokinetics , Dynamics, and Metabolism, Pfizer Inc. , Cambridge , MA , USA.
b Clinical & Translational Imaging, Pfizer Inc. , Cambridge , MA , USA.
c Neuroscience and Pain Research Unit, Pfizer Inc. , Cambridge , MA , USA.
d Worldwide Research and Development, Pfizer Inc. , Cambridge , MA , USA , and.
e Department of Diagnostic Radiology , Yale University , New Haven , CT , USA.


1. Unbound brain drug concentration (Cb,u), a valid surrogate of interstitial fluid drug concentration (CISF), cannot be directly determined in humans, which limits accurately defining the human Cb,u:Cp,u of investigational molecules. 2. For the H3R antagonist (1R,3R)-N-ethyl-3-fluoro-3-[3-fluoro-4-(pyrrolidin-1-lmethyl)phenyl]cyclobutane-1-carboxamide (PF-03654746), we interrogated Cb,u:Cp,u in humans and nonhuman primate (NHP). 3. In rat, PF-03654746 achieved net blood-brain barrier (BBB) equilibrium (Cb,u:Cp,u of 2.11). 4. In NHP and humans, the PET receptor occupancy-based Cp,u IC50 of PF-03654746 was 0.99 nM and 0.31 nM, respectively, which were 2.1- and 7.4-fold lower than its in vitro human H3 Ki (2.3 nM). 5. In an attempt to understand this higher-than-expected potency in humans and NHP, rat-derived Cb,u:Cp,u of PF-03654746 was integrated with Cp,u IC50 to identify unbound (neuro) potency of PF-03654746, nIC50. 6. The nIC50 of PF-03654746 was 2.1 nM in NHP and 0.66 nM in human which better correlated (1.1- and 3.49-fold lower) with in vitro human H3 Ki (2.3 nM). 7. This correlation of the nIC50 and in vitro hH3 Ki suggested the translation of net BBB equilibrium of PF-03654746 from rat to NHP and humans, and confirmed the use of Cp,u as a reliable surrogate of Cb,u. 8. Thus, nIC50 quantitatively informed the human Cb,u:Cp,u of PF-03654746.


Brain penetration; PET; PF-03654746; projection; receptor occupancy

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