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J Diabetes. 2015 Mar;7(2):270-8. doi: 10.1111/1753-0407.12162. Epub 2014 May 22.

Glycemic control after 6 days of insulin pump reservoir use in type 1 diabetes: results of double-blind and open-label cross-over trials of insulin lispro and insulin aspart.

Author information

Department of Pediatrics, Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut.



The objective of the current study was to assess mean self-monitored blood glucose (SMBG), on day 6 of 6 days of continuous reservoir wear (6D), with insulin lispro (Lis) or insulin aspart (Asp).


Two 24-week, randomized trials were conducted in subjects with type 1 diabetes treated by continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) for ≥6 months, with a mean total daily insulin dose capable of supporting 6 days of in-reservoir use. Study 1 had an open-label, six-sequence, three-treatment, three-period, cross-over design. Study 2 had a double-blind, two-sequence, two-treatment, two-period, cross-over design. The primary efficacy measure was the mean of Day 6, seven-point SMBG profiles for insulin lispro 6D (Lis6D) and insulin aspart 6D (Asp6D) treatment periods. Safety measures were also assessed.


Lis did not achieve noninferiority (SMBG; margin = 0.6 mmol/L [10.8 mg/dL]) to Asp on Day 6 of reservoir wear in either Study (least-squares mean difference: Study 1 = 0.48 mmol/L [8.64 mg/dL]; 95% confidence interval [CI] [0.20, 0.76], Study 2 = 0.36 mmol/L [6.49 mg/dL]; 95% CI [0.06, 0.66]). Noninferiority was demonstrated for overall daily mean of SMBG values over days 1 to 6 of reservoir use during each treatment period. In the Lis treatment period, subjects reported a lower documented and total hypoglycemia rate per 30 days and a higher rate of non-explained hyperglycemia than in the Asp treatment period.


While the mean blood glucose on Day 6 of Lis6D did not meet non-inferiority, the overall daily mean blood glucose was not different, with a decreased rate of hypoglycemia with Lis.


Type 1 diabetes; insulin aspart; insulin infusion; insulin lispro; 关键词:门冬胰岛素,胰岛素输注,赖脯胰岛素,1型糖尿病

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