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Mol Immunol. 1986 Jun;23(6):625-30.

Comparison of the antigenicities of native human growth hormone (hGH) and three forms of recombinant hGHs using monoclonal antibodies.


A panel of hybridomas producing antibodies specific for human growth hormone (hGH) were prepared by using a recombinant hGH [methionylsomatotropin (r-hGH)] as an immunogen. Thirteen representative monoclonal antibodies which showed different reactivity patterns were used to analyze the antigenicities of four different forms of hGHs by RIA inhibition studies. Native hGH and r-hGH showed almost the same antigenicities with these monoclonal antibodies. A Cys-substituted recombinant hGH (r-hGH-165) retained the epitopes recognized by 11 monoclonals but not those recognized by two monoclonals. All except one of the monoclonals showed little or no reactivity with a recombinant hGH fragment (r-hGH-AB). On the basis of these results, the differences in the structures and antigenicities of the recombinant hGH proteins were discussed.

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