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Int J Legal Med. 2012 Sep;126(5):781-9. doi: 10.1007/s00414-012-0724-4. Epub 2012 Jul 3.

Combining results of forensic STR kits: HDplex validation including allelic association and linkage testing with NGM and Identifiler loci.

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Department of Human Biological Traces (R&D), Netherlands Forensic Institute, P.O. Box 24044, 2490 AA, The Hague, The Netherlands.


The autosomal short tandem repeat (STR) kits that are currently used in forensic science have a high discrimination power. However, this discrimination power is sometimes not sufficient for complex kinship analyses or decreases when alleles are missing due to degradation of the DNA. The Investigator HDplex kit contains nine STRs that are additional to the commonly used forensic markers, and we validated this kit to assist human identification. With the increasing number of markers it becomes inevitable that forensic and kinship analyses include two or more STRs present on the same chromosome. To examine whether such markers can be regarded as independent, we evaluated the 30 STRs present in NGM, Identifiler and HDplex. Among these 30 markers, 17 syntenic STR pairs can be formed. Allelic association between these pairs was examined using 335 Dutch reference samples and no linkage disequilibrium was detected, which makes it possible to use the product rule for profile probability calculations in unrelated individuals. Linkage between syntenic STRs was studied by determining the recombination fraction between them in five three-generation CEPH families. The recombination fractions were compared to the physical and genetic distances between the markers. For most types of pedigrees, the kinship analyses can be performed using the product rule, and for those cases that require an alternative calculation method (Gill et al., Forensic Sci Int Genet 6:477-486, 2011), the recombination fractions as determined in this study can be used. Finally, we calculated the (combined) match probabilities, for the supplementary genotyping results of HDplex, NGM and Identifiler.

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