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Exp Biol Med (Maywood). 2009 Oct;234(10):1186-91. doi: 10.3181/0902-RM-58. Epub 2009 Jul 13.

Comparison of isoflurane-, sevoflurane-, and desflurane-induced pre- and postconditioning against myocardial infarction in mice in vivo.

Author information

Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care, University of Würzburg, 97080 Würzburg, Germany.


The murine in vivo model of acute myocardial infarction is increasingly used to investigate anesthetic-induced preconditioning (APC) and postconditioning (APOST). However, in mice the potency of different volatile anesthetics to reduce myocardial infarct size (IS) has never been investigated systematically nor in a head to head comparison with regard to ischemic preconditioning (IPC) and postconditioning (IPOST). Male C57BL/6 mice were subjected to 45 min of coronary artery occlusion (CAO) and 180 min of reperfusion. To induce APC, 1.0 MAC isoflurane (ISO), sevoflurane (SEVO) or desflurane (DES) was administered 30 min prior to CAO for 15 min. In an additional group, ISO was administered 45 min prior to CAO for 30 min. To induce APOST, 1.0 MAC ISO, SEVO or DES was administered for 18 min starting 3 min prior to the end of CAO. IPC was induced by 3 or 6 cycles of 5 min ischemia/reperfusion, 40 or 60 min prior to CAO, respectively. IPOST was induced by 3 cycles of 30 sec reperfusion/ischemia at the beginning of reperfusion. Area at risk (AAR) and IS were determined with Evans Blue and TTC staining, respectively. IS (IS/AAR) was 50 +/- 4% (mean +/- SEM) in the control group and was significantly (*P < 0.05) reduced by 3x5 IPC (26 +/- 3%*), 6 x 5 IPC (26 +/- 4%*), IPOST (20 +/- 2%*), ISO APOST (19 +/- 1%*), SEVO APOST (15 +/- 1%*), DES APOST (14 +/- 2%*) and SEVO APC (27 +/- 6%*). ISO APC significantly reduced IS compared to control when administered 30 min (33 +/- 4%*), but not when administered 15 min (48 +/- 6%). DES APC significantly reduced IS compared to control and to SEVO APC (7 +/- 1%*). Within the paradigm of preconditioning, the potency of volatile anesthetics to reduce myocardial infarct size in mice significantly increases from ISO over SEVO to DES, whereas within the paradigm of postconditioning the potency of these volatile anesthetics to reduce myocardial infarct size in mice is similar.

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