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J Pept Sci. 2003 Nov-Dec;9(11-12):663-5.

The peptaibol database: a sequence and structure resource.

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Department of Crystallography, Birkbeck College, University of London, London WC1E 7HX, UK.


The peptaibols are a large family of membrane-active peptides with considerable sequence homology, but with different biological properties and three-dimensional structures. They constitute a rich resource of naturally occurring 'mutants' which are potentially valuable for structure/function studies of ion channels. A searchable on-line database of sequences and structures of the peptaibols has been created at, as a resource for the biological and structural community. In this paper, the contents and organization of the website are discussed as well as procedures for submission of new entries to the database. At present, more than 300 peptaibol sequences are stored in the database. Each sequence entry contains its full literature reference and information about its biological source. Tools are provided for searching for specific peptaibol sequences or groupings of sequences, and for locating peptaibols containing specified sequence motifs. In addition the website acts as a database for structural information. The coordinates of all currently available peptaibol x-ray and NMR structures are included and complemented, where appropriate. with molecular graphics illustrations. These include figures of model channel structures and comparisons between different peptaibol structures. The peptaibol database thus provides a tool for ready access to information and a means of investigating the sequences and structures of this class of polypeptides.

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