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J Protozool. 1992 Jul-Aug;39(4):508-10.

The immobilization antigens of Tetrahymena thermophila are glycoproteins.

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Department of Anatomy and Embryology, Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem, Israel.


The four immobilization antigens controlled by the SerH locus in Tetrahymena thermophila have been isolated and partially characterized (Doerder, F.P. & Berkowitz, M.S. 1986. Purification and partial characterization of the H immobilization antigens of Tetrahymena thermophila. J. Protozool., 33:204-208). We show here, using immunoprecipitation and electrophoresis after labeling with 35S-methionine, 14C-mannose, 14C-glucosamine, and N-Acetyl-D-[l-3H]glucosamine, that these proteins are glycosylated. We suggest the immobilization antigens in Tetrahymena may be anchored to the surface membrane by phosphatidylinositol glycans.

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