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J Comp Neurol. 2002 Dec 9;454(2):105-14.

Expression of synapsin III in nerve terminals and neurogenic regions of the adult brain.

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The John B Pierce Laboratory, Cellular and Molecular Physiology, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut 06510, USA.


We have examined the distribution of synapsin III in the adult mouse brain. Expression of synapsin III was observed in puncta throughout the brain, but demonstrated greater regional variation than that of synapsins I or II. This punctate staining is typical for synaptic vesicle proteins located at nerve terminals. These findings are also consistent with the well-established role for synapsins in regulating neurotransmitter release. However, unexpectedly, synapsin III was also highly expressed in the cell body and processes of immature neurons in neurogenic regions of the adult brain, such as the hippocampal dentate gyrus, rostral migratory stream, and olfactory bulb. Many synapsin III-positive neurons also reacted with an antibody directed toward polysialylated-neuronal cell adhesion molecule, a marker of immature, migrating neurons. These results suggest that synapsin III may also play a role in adult neurogenesis.

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