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J Biochem. 2000 Jan;127(1):51-6.

Tetrahymena elongation factor-1 alpha is localized with calmodulin in the division furrow.

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Institute of Biological Sciences, University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8572, Japan.


Translation elongation factor 1 alpha (EF-1 alpha) catalyzes the GTP-dependent binding of amino-acyl-tRNA to ribosomes. We previously reported that Tetrahymena EF-1 alpha induced the formation of bundles of rabbit skeletal muscle filamentous actin (F-actin) as well as Tetrahymena F-actin [Kurasawa et al. (1996) Zool. Sci. (Tokyo) 13, 371-375], and that Ca(2+)/calmodulin (CaM) regulated the F-actin-bundling activity of EF-1 alpha [Kurasawa et al. (1996) J. Biochem. 119, 791-798]. In the present study, we investigated the binding between Tetrahymena EF-1 alpha and CaM using a Tetrahymena EF-1 alpha affinity column, and the localization of EF-1 alpha and CaM by indirect immunofluorescence. Only CaM in the Tetrahymena cell extract bound to Tetrahymena EF-1 alpha in a Ca(2+)-dependent manner. In interphase Tetrahymena cells, EF-1 alpha and CaM are colocalized in the crescent structure of the oral apparatus and the apical ring, while in dividing cells, they are colocalized in the division furrow. This is the first report describing the coexistence of EF-1 alpha and CaM in the division furrow, suggesting that EF-1 alpha and CaM are involved in the organization of contractile ring microfilaments during cytokinesis.

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