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NO-Donor Nitrosyl Iron Complex with 2-Aminophenolyl Ligand Induces Apoptosis and Inhibits NF-κB Function in HeLa Cells.

Stupina T, Balakina A, Kondrat'eva T, Kozub G, Sanina N, Terent'ev A.

Sci Pharm. 2018 Oct 11;86(4). pii: E46. doi: 10.3390/scipharm86040046.


In Vivo Evaluation of Antirrhinum majus' Wound-Healing Activity.

Saqallah FG, Hamed WM, Talib WH.

Sci Pharm. 2018 Oct 7;86(4). pii: E45. doi: 10.3390/scipharm86040045.


Potential Role of Microfibrillar-Associated Protein 4, Fibrotic Indices and Oxidative Stress in Hepatocellular Carcinoma.

Salama MM, Nomir MM, Fahmi MW, El-Gayar AM, El-Shishtawy MM.

Sci Pharm. 2018 Sep 30;86(4). pii: E44. doi: 10.3390/scipharm86040044.


Pharmacokinetic Enhancers (Boosters)-Escort for Drugs against Degrading Enzymes and Beyond.

Krauß J, Bracher F.

Sci Pharm. 2018 Sep 27;86(4). pii: E43. doi: 10.3390/scipharm86040043. Review.


Structure-Antibacterial Activity Relationships of N-Substituted-(d-/l-Alaninyl) 1H-1,2,3-Triazolylmethyl Oxazolidinones.

Phillips OA, Udo EE, D'silva RJ.

Sci Pharm. 2018 Sep 26;86(4). pii: E42. doi: 10.3390/scipharm86040042.


Antifibrotic Activity and In Ovo Toxicity Study of Liver-Targeted Curcumin-Gold Nanoparticle.

Adlia A, Tomagola I, Damayanti S, Mulya A, Rachmawati H.

Sci Pharm. 2018 Sep 21;86(4). pii: E41. doi: 10.3390/scipharm86040041.


In Vitro Antimicrobial Activity of Essential Oils from Sardinian Flora against Cutibacterium (Formerly Propionibacterium) acnes and Its Enhancement by Chitosan.

Juliano C, Marchetti M, Pisu ML, Usai M.

Sci Pharm. 2018 Sep 13;86(3). pii: E40. doi: 10.3390/scipharm86030040.


Effect of Piperine on Skin Permeation of Curcumin from a Bacterially Derived Cellulose-Composite Double-Layer Membrane for Transdermal Curcumin Delivery.

Jantarat C, Sirathanarun P, Boonmee S, Meechoosin W, Wangpittaya H.

Sci Pharm. 2018 Sep 13;86(3). pii: E39. doi: 10.3390/scipharm86030039.


Determination of Eudragit® L100 in an Enteric-Coated Tablet Formulation Using Size-Exclusion Chromatography with Charged-Aerosol Detection.

Widjaja M, Gan J, Talpaneni JSR, Tjandrawinata RR.

Sci Pharm. 2018 Sep 12;86(3). pii: E38. doi: 10.3390/scipharm86030038.


Thai Fermented Foods as a Versatile Source of Bioactive Microorganisms-A Comprehensive Review.

Sivamaruthi BS, Kesika P, Chaiyasut C.

Sci Pharm. 2018 Sep 11;86(3). pii: E37. doi: 10.3390/scipharm86030037. Review.


The In Vitro Anti-Proliferative Interaction of Flavonoid Quercetin and Toxic Metal Cadmium in the 1321N1 Human Astrocytoma Cell Line.

Al-Hasawi NA, Amine SA, Novotny L.

Sci Pharm. 2018 Sep 10;86(3). pii: E36. doi: 10.3390/scipharm86030036.


Skin Penetration and Stability Enhancement of Celastrus paniculatus Seed Oil by 2-Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complex for Cosmeceutical Applications.

Ruksiriwanich W, Sirithunyalug J, Khantham C, Leksomboon K, Jantrawut P.

Sci Pharm. 2018 Sep 1;86(3). pii: E33. doi: 10.3390/scipharm86030033.


Cytotoxic Desulfated Saponin from Holothuria atra Predicted to Have High Binding Affinity to the Oncogenic Kinase PAK1: A Combined In Vitro and In Silico Study.

Shahinozzaman M, Ishii T, Takano R, Halim MA, Hossain MA, Tawata S.

Sci Pharm. 2018 Aug 31;86(3). pii: E32. doi: 10.3390/scipharm86030032.


Subchronic Toxicity Evaluation of Ethanol Extract of Picria fel-terrae Lour. Leaf in Wistar Rats.

Harahap U; Yuandani; Marianne, Agustya HM, Azizah DU, Alfiah SW.

Sci Pharm. 2018 Sep 4;86(3). pii: E34. doi: 10.3390/scipharm86030034.


The Study of the Structure-Diuretic Activity Relationship in a Series of New N-(Arylalkyl)-6-hydroxy-2-methyl-4-oxo-2,4-dihydro-1H-pyrrolo-[3,2,1-ij]quinoline-5-carboxamides.

Ukrainets IV, Golik MY, Sidorenko LV, Korniyenko VI, Grinevich LA, Sim G, Kryvanych OV.

Sci Pharm. 2018 Aug 29;86(3). pii: E31. doi: 10.3390/scipharm86030031.


The Structure and Activity of Double-Nitroimidazoles. A Mini-Review.

Żwawiak J, Zaprutko L.

Sci Pharm. 2018 Jul 25;86(3). pii: E30. doi: 10.3390/scipharm86030030. Review.


Inhibitory Effects and Killing Kinetics of Lactic Acid Rice Gel Against Pathogenic Bacteria Causing Bovine Mastitis.

Chotigarpa R, Na Lampang K, Pikulkaew S, Okonogi S, Ajariyakhajorn K, Mektrirat R.

Sci Pharm. 2018 Jul 16;86(3). pii: E29. doi: 10.3390/scipharm86030029.


Anticancer Activity Evaluation of New Thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidin-4(3H)-ones and Thieno[3,2-d]pyrimidin-4(3H)-one Derivatives.

Shyyka O, Pokhodylo N, Finiuk N, Matiychuk V, Stoika R, Obushak M.

Sci Pharm. 2018 Jul 16;86(3). pii: E28. doi: 10.3390/scipharm86030028.


Antidepressant-Like Effect of Lippia sidoides CHAM (Verbenaceae) Essential Oil and Its Major Compound Thymol in Mice.

Parente MSR, Custódio FR, Cardoso NA, Lima MJA, Melo TS, Linhares MI, Siqueira RMP, Nascimento AÁD, Catunda Júnior FEA, Melo CTV.

Sci Pharm. 2018 Jun 27;86(3). pii: E27. doi: 10.3390/scipharm86030027.

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