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Digital Gaming for Nutritional Education: A Survey on Preferences, Motives, and Needs of Children and Adolescents.

Holzmann SL, Dischl F, Schäfer H, Groh G, Hauner H, Holzapfel C.

JMIR Form Res. 2019 Feb 13;3(1):e10284. doi: 10.2196/10284.


A Digital Modality Decision Program for Patients With Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease.

Dubin R, Rubinsky A.

JMIR Form Res. 2019 Feb 6;3(1):e12528. doi: 10.2196/12528.


Evaluation of a Mobile Device Survey System for Behavioral Risk Factors (SHAPE): App Development and Usability Study.

Oakley-Girvan I, Lavista JM, Miller Y, Davis S, Acle C, Hancock J, Nelson LM.

JMIR Form Res. 2019 Jan 11;3(1):e10246. doi: 10.2196/10246.


A Virtual Reality Food Court to Study Meal Choices in Youth: Design and Assessment of Usability.

Allman-Farinelli M, Ijaz K, Tran H, Pallotta H, Ramos S, Liu J, Wellard-Cole L, Calvo RA.

JMIR Form Res. 2019 Jan 9;3(1):e12456. doi: 10.2196/12456.


Using Cocreation in the Process of Designing a Smartphone App for Adolescents and Young Adults With Cancer: Prototype Development Study.

Elsbernd A, Hjerming M, Visler C, Hjalgrim LL, Niemann CU, Boisen KA, Jakobsen J, Pappot H.

JMIR Form Res. 2018 Nov 1;2(2):e23. doi: 10.2196/formative.9842.


A Stress Management App Intervention for Cancer Survivors: Design, Development, and Usability Testing.

Børøsund E, Mirkovic J, Clark MM, Ehlers SL, Andrykowski MA, Bergland A, Westeng M, Solberg Nes L.

JMIR Form Res. 2018 Sep 6;2(2):e19. doi: 10.2196/formative.9954.


Use of a Biofeedback Breathing App to Augment Poststress Physiological Recovery: Randomized Pilot Study.

Plans D, Morelli D, Sütterlin S, Ollis L, Derbyshire G, Cropley M.

JMIR Form Res. 2019 Jan 11;3(1):e12227. doi: 10.2196/12227.


Assessing the Needs and Perspectives of Patients With Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease on Patient Web Portals: Focus Group Study.

Metting E, Schrage AJ, Kocks JW, Sanderman R, van der Molen T.

JMIR Form Res. 2018 Nov 22;2(2):e22. doi: 10.2196/formative.8822.


Behavior Change for Youth Drivers: Design and Development of a Smartphone-Based App (BackPocketDriver).

Warren I, Meads A, Whittaker R, Dobson R, Ameratunga S.

JMIR Form Res. 2018 Nov 26;2(2):e25. doi: 10.2196/formative.9660.


Understanding the Acceptance of an eHealth Technology in the Early Stages of Development: An End-User Walkthrough Approach and Two Case Studies.

van Velsen L, Evers M, Bara CD, Op den Akker H, Boerema S, Hermens H.

JMIR Form Res. 2018 Jun 15;2(1):e10474. doi: 10.2196/10474.


A Spiritually-Based Text Messaging Program to Increase Cervical Cancer Awareness Among African American Women: Design and Development of the CervixCheck Pilot Study.

Le D, Aldoory L, Garza MA, Fryer CS, Sawyer R, Holt CL.

JMIR Form Res. 2018 Mar 29;2(1):e5. doi: 10.2196/formative.8112.


Linking Podcasts With Social Media to Promote Community Health and Medical Research: Feasibility Study.

Balls-Berry J, Sinicrope P, Valdez Soto M, Brockman T, Bock M, Patten C.

JMIR Form Res. 2018 Oct 24;2(2):e10025. doi: 10.2196/10025.


A Computer-Assisted Personal Interview App in Research Electronic Data Capture for Administering Time Trade-off Surveys (REDCap): Development and Pretest.

Oremus M, Sharafoddini A, Morgano GP, Jin X, Xie F.

JMIR Form Res. 2018 Jan 23;2(1):e3. doi: 10.2196/formative.8202.


Investigating Associations Between Changes in Mobile Phone Use and Emotions Using the Experience Sampling Method: Pilot Study.

Roggeveen S, van Os J, Bemelmans K, van Poll M, Lousberg R.

JMIR Form Res. 2018 Jun 18;2(1):e12. doi: 10.2196/formative.8499.


Identifying Asbestos-Containing Materials in Homes: Design and Development of the ACM Check Mobile Phone App.

Govorko MH, Fritschi L, White J, Reid A.

JMIR Form Res. 2017 Dec 14;1(1):e7. doi: 10.2196/formative.8370.


MedFit App, a Behavior-Changing, Theoretically Informed Mobile App for Patient Self-Management of Cardiovascular Disease: User-Centered Development.

Duff O, Walsh D, Malone S, McDermott L, Furlong B, O'Connor N, Moran K, Woods C.

JMIR Form Res. 2018 Apr 27;2(1):e8. doi: 10.2196/formative.9550.


Adolescent Preferences and Design Recommendations for an Asthma Self-Management App: Mixed-Methods Study.

Roberts C, Sage A, Geryk L, Sleath B, Carpenter D.

JMIR Form Res. 2018 Sep 13;2(2):e10055. doi: 10.2196/10055.


Adapting a Behavioral Weight Loss Intervention for Delivery via Facebook: A Pilot Series Among Low-Income Postpartum Women.

Silfee VJ, Lopez-Cepero A, Lemon SC, Estabrook B, Nguyen O, Wang ML, Rosal MC.

JMIR Form Res. 2018 Sep 10;2(2):e18. doi: 10.2196/formative.9597.


Community Engagement in the Development of an mHealth-Enabled Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Health Intervention (Step It Up): Pilot Focus Group Study.

Ceasar JN, Claudel SE, Andrews MR, Tamura K, Mitchell V, Brooks AT, Dodge T, El-Toukhy S, Farmer N, Middleton K, Sabado-Liwag M, Troncoso M, Wallen GR, Powell-Wiley TM.

JMIR Form Res. 2019 Jan 4;3(1):e10944. doi: 10.2196/10944.

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