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Diet and Multiple Sclerosis: Scoping Review of Web-Based Recommendations.

Beckett JM, Bird ML, Pittaway JK, Ahuja KD.

Interact J Med Res. 2019 Jan 9;8(1):e10050. doi: 10.2196/10050. Review.


A Platform to Record Patient Events During Physiological Monitoring With Wearable Sensors: Proof-of-Concept Study.

Vo JDV, Gorbach AM.

Interact J Med Res. 2019 Jan 3;8(1):e10336. doi: 10.2196/10336.


Metadata Correction: Engaging a Community for Rare Genetic Disease: Best Practices and Education From Individual Crowdfunding Campaigns.

Ortiz RA, Witte S, Gouw A, Sanfilippo A, Tsai R, Fumagalli D, Yu C, Lant K, Lipitz N, Shepphird J, Alvina FB, Cheng-Ho Lin J.

Interact J Med Res. 2018 Apr 27;7(1):e10707. doi: 10.2196/10707.


Views of People With Epilepsy About Web-Based Self-Presentation: A Qualitative Study.

McKinlay AR, Ridsdale LL.

Interact J Med Res. 2018 Dec 21;7(2):e10349. doi: 10.2196/10349.


Body Mass Index Screening and Follow-Up: A Cross-Sectional Questionnaire Study of Pennsylvania School Nurses.

Francis E, Hoke AM, Kraschnewski JL.

Interact J Med Res. 2018 Dec 21;7(2):e11619. doi: 10.2196/11619.


Hepatitis C Prevalence and Management Among Patients Receiving Opioid Substitution Treatment in General Practice in Ireland: Baseline Data from a Feasibility Study.

Murtagh R, Swan D, O'Connor E, McCombe G, Lambert JS, Avramovic G, Cullen W.

Interact J Med Res. 2018 Dec 19;7(2):e10313. doi: 10.2196/10313.


Extrahepatic Autoimmune Diseases are Prevalent in Autoimmune Hepatitis Patients and Their First-Degree Relatives: Survey Study.

Fogel R, Comerford M, Chilukuri P, Orman E, Chalasani N, Lammert C.

Interact J Med Res. 2018 Dec 19;7(2):e18. doi: 10.2196/ijmr.9625.


Basic Life Support Knowledge Among a Nonmedical Population in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Cross-Sectional Study.

Subki AH, Mortada HH, Alsallum MS, Alattas AT, Almalki MA, Hindi MM, Subki SH, Alhejily WA.

Interact J Med Res. 2018 Nov 28;7(2):e10428. doi: 10.2196/10428.


Calorie Estimation From Pictures of Food: Crowdsourcing Study.

Zhou J, Bell D, Nusrat S, Hingle M, Surdeanu M, Kobourov S.

Interact J Med Res. 2018 Nov 5;7(2):e17. doi: 10.2196/ijmr.9359.


Importance and Presence of High-Quality Evidence for Clinical Decisions in Neurosurgery: International Survey of Neurosurgeons.

Martens J, de Jong G, Rovers M, Westert G, Bartels R.

Interact J Med Res. 2018 Oct 12;7(2):e16. doi: 10.2196/ijmr.9617.


Characterizing Websites That Provide Information About Complementary and Integrative Health: Systematic Search and Evaluation of Five Domains.

Chen AT, Taylor-Swanson L, Buie RW, Park A, Conway M.

Interact J Med Res. 2018 Oct 10;7(2):e14. doi: 10.2196/ijmr.9803.


Arthritis-Related Support in a Social Media Group for Quilting Hobbyists: Qualitative Study.

Gasteiger N, Grainger R, Day K.

Interact J Med Res. 2018 Oct 3;7(2):e11026. doi: 10.2196/11026.


Health Information Discrepancies Between Internet Media and Scientific Papers Reporting on Omega-3 Supplement Research: Comparative Analysis.

Nault D, Beccia A, Ito H, Kashdan S, Senders A.

Interact J Med Res. 2018 Oct 1;7(2):e15. doi: 10.2196/ijmr.8981.


Use of Electronic Entertainment and Communication Devices Among a Saudi Pediatric Population: Cross-Sectional Study.

Amawi SO, Subki AH, Khatib HA, Alkhateeb OS, Fida RH, Saggaf OM, Jan MM.

Interact J Med Res. 2018 Sep 6;7(2):e13. doi: 10.2196/ijmr.9103.


Health Information on Firefighter Websites: Structured Analysis.

Hu MA, MacDermid JC, Killip S, Lomotan M; FIREWELL.

Interact J Med Res. 2018 Jul 16;7(2):e12. doi: 10.2196/ijmr.9369.


Characteristics of Adults' Use of Facebook and the Potential Impact on Health Behavior: Secondary Data Analysis.

Bosak K, Park SH.

Interact J Med Res. 2018 Jun 14;7(1):e11. doi: 10.2196/ijmr.9554.


Factors Affecting Bone Mineral Density Among Snowy Region Residents in Japan: Analysis Using Multiple Linear Regression and Bayesian Network Model.

Suzuki T, Shimoda T, Takahashi N, Tsutsumi K, Samukawa M, Yoshimura S, Ogasawara K.

Interact J Med Res. 2018 May 22;7(1):e10. doi: 10.2196/ijmr.8555.


Representation of Tinnitus in the US Newspaper Media and in Facebook Pages: Cross-Sectional Analysis of Secondary Data.

Manchaiah V, Ratinaud P, Andersson G.

Interact J Med Res. 2018 May 8;7(1):e9. doi: 10.2196/ijmr.9065.

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