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Replication--The ugly duckling of science?

Fabry G, Fischer MR.

GMS Z Med Ausbild. 2015 Nov 16;32(5):Doc57. doi: 10.3205/zma000999. No abstract available.


Desire and reality--teaching and assessing communicative competencies in undergraduate medical education in German-speaking Europe--a survey.

Härtl A, Bachmann C, Blum K, Höfer S, Peters T, Preusche I, Raski B, Rüttermann S, Wagner-Menghin M, Wünsch A, Kiessling C; GMA-Ausschuss Kommunikative und Soziale Kompetenzen..

GMS Z Med Ausbild. 2015 Nov 16;32(5):Doc56. doi: 10.3205/zma000998.


Use and future of wiki systems in veterinary education?--A survey of lecturers in German-speaking countries.

Kolski D, Heuwieser W, Arlt S.

GMS Z Med Ausbild. 2015 Nov 16;32(5):Doc54. doi: 10.3205/zma000996.


Introduction of the HAM-Nat examination--applicants and students admitted to the Medical Faculty in 2012-2014.

Werwick K, Winkler-Stuck K, Hampe W, Albrecht P, Robra BP.

GMS Z Med Ausbild. 2015 Nov 16;32(5):Doc53. doi: 10.3205/zma000995.


Internationalizing Medical Education: The Special Track Curriculum 'Global Health' at Justus Liebig University Giessen.

Knipper M, Baumann A, Hofstetter C, Korte R, Krawinkel M.

GMS Z Med Ausbild. 2015 Nov 16;32(5):Doc52. doi: 10.3205/zma000994.


Virtual patients in continuing medical education and residency training: a pilot project for acceptance analysis in the framework of a residency revision course in pediatrics.

Lehmann R, Hanebeck B, Oberle S, Simon A, Choukair D, Tönshoff B, Huwendiek S.

GMS Z Med Ausbild. 2015 Nov 16;32(5):Doc51. doi: 10.3205/zma000993.


Implementation of "social and communicative competencies" in medical education. The importance of curriculum, organisational and human resource development.

Pruskil S, Deis N, Druener S, Kiessling C, Philipp S, Rockenbauch K.

GMS Z Med Ausbild. 2015 Nov 16;32(5):Doc50. doi: 10.3205/zma000992.


On the journey to competency-based assessment for safe patient care.

Jünger J, Tekian A, Norcini JJ.

GMS Z Med Ausbild. 2015 Oct 15;32(4):Doc47. doi: 10.3205/zma000989. No abstract available.


Development of a competency-based formative progress test with student-generated MCQs: Results from a multi-centre pilot study.

Wagener S, Möltner A, Tımbıl S, Gornostayeva M, Schultz JH, Brüstle P, Mohr D, Vander Beken A, Better J, Fries M, Gottschalk M, Günther J, Herrmann L, Kreisel C, Moczko T, Illg C, Jassowicz A, Müller A, Niesert M, Strübing F, Jünger J.

GMS Z Med Ausbild. 2015 Oct 15;32(4):Doc46. doi: 10.3205/zma000988.


Impact of the Medical Faculty on Study Success in Freiburg: Results from Graduate Surveys.

Biller S, Boeker M, Fabry G, Giesler M.

GMS Z Med Ausbild. 2015 Oct 15;32(4):Doc44. doi: 10.3205/zma000986.


Overcome the 60% passing score and improve the quality of assessment.

Tekian A, Norcini J.

GMS Z Med Ausbild. 2015 Oct 15;32(4):Doc43. doi: 10.3205/zma000985.


The reliability of the pass/fail decision for assessments comprised of multiple components.

Möltner A, Tımbıl S, Jünger J.

GMS Z Med Ausbild. 2015 Oct 15;32(4):Doc42. doi: 10.3205/zma000984.


Electronic acquisition of OSCE performance using tablets.

Hochlehnert A, Schultz JH, Möltner A, Tımbıl S, Brass K, Jünger J.

GMS Z Med Ausbild. 2015 Oct 15;32(4):Doc41. doi: 10.3205/zma000983.


The new final Clinical Skills examination in human medicine in Switzerland: Essential steps of exam development, implementation and evaluation, and central insights from the perspective of the national Working Group.

Berendonk C, Schirlo C, Balestra G, Bonvin R, Feller S, Huber P, Jünger E, Monti M, Schnabel K, Beyeler C, Guttormsen S, Huwendiek S.

GMS Z Med Ausbild. 2015 Oct 15;32(4):Doc40. doi: 10.3205/zma000982.


The Final Oral/Practical State Examination at Freiburg Medical Faculty in 2012--Analysis of grading to test quality assurance.

Schickler A, Brüstle P, Biller S.

GMS Z Med Ausbild. 2015 Oct 15;32(4):Doc39. doi: 10.3205/zma000981.


Influence of a revision course and the gender of examiners on the grades of the final ENT exam--a retrospective review of 3961 exams.

Grasl MC, Seemann R, Hanisch M, Heiduschka G, Kremser K, Thurnher D.

GMS Z Med Ausbild. 2015 Oct 15;32(4):Doc38. doi: 10.3205/zma000980.


8th meeting of the medical assessment consortium UCAN: "Collaborative Perspectives for Competency-based and Quality-assured Medical Assessment".

Thamburaj AJ, Brass K, Herrmann M, Jünger J.

GMS Z Med Ausbild. 2015 Oct 15;32(4):Doc37. doi: 10.3205/zma000979. No abstract available.

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