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A modified form of diphthamide causes immunotoxin resistance in a lymphoma cell line with a deletion of the WDR85 gene.

Wei H, Bera TK, Wayne AS, Xiang L, Colantonio S, Chertov O, Pastan I.

J Biol Chem. 2013 Apr 26;288(17):12305-12. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M113.461343.


The metabolic serine hydrolases and their functions in mammalian physiology and disease.

Long JZ, Cravatt BF.

Chem Rev. 2011 Oct 12;111(10):6022-63. doi: 10.1021/cr200075y. Review. No abstract available.


Genomic structure of chromosome 17 deletions in BRCA1-associated ovarian cancers.

Chisholm KM, Goff BA, Garcia R, King MC, Swisher EM.

Cancer Genet Cytogenet. 2008 May;183(1):41-8. doi: 10.1016/j.cancergencyto.2008.02.004.


Ovca1 regulates cell proliferation, embryonic development, and tumorigenesis.

Chen CM, Behringer RR.

Genes Dev. 2004 Feb 1;18(3):320-32.


Molecular detection of tumour DNA in serum and peritoneal fluid from ovarian cancer patients.

Hickey KP, Boyle KP, Jepps HM, Andrew AC, Buxton EJ, Burns PA.

Br J Cancer. 1999 Aug;80(11):1803-8.


Genomic organization of the murine Miller-Dieker/lissencephaly region: conservation of linkage with the human region.

Hirotsune S, Pack SD, Chong SS, Robbins CM, Pavan WJ, Ledbetter DH, Wynshaw-Boris A.

Genome Res. 1997 Jun;7(6):625-34.


Rox, a novel bHLHZip protein expressed in quiescent cells that heterodimerizes with Max, binds a non-canonical E box and acts as a transcriptional repressor.

Meroni G, Reymond A, Alcalay M, Borsani G, Tanigami A, Tonlorenzi R, Lo Nigro C, Messali S, Zollo M, Ledbetter DH, Brent R, Ballabio A, Carrozzo R.

EMBO J. 1997 May 15;16(10):2892-906. Erratum in: EMBO J 1997 Oct 1;16(19):6055.


Allele loss from large regions of chromosome 17 is common only in certain histological subtypes of ovarian carcinomas.

Papp J, Csokay B, Bosze P, Zalay Z, Toth J, Ponder B, Olah E.

Br J Cancer. 1996 Nov;74(10):1592-7.


Tumour suppressor genes in ovarian cancer.

Foulkes W.

BMJ. 1993 Oct 16;307(6910):1009. No abstract available.


Molecular genetic analysis of flow-sorted ovarian tumour cells: improved detection of loss of heterozygosity.

Abeln EC, Corver WE, Kuipers-Dijkshoorn NJ, Fleuren GJ, Cornelisse CJ.

Br J Cancer. 1994 Aug;70(2):255-62.


A common region of deletion on chromosome 17q in both sporadic and familial epithelial ovarian tumors distal to BRCA1.

Godwin AK, Vanderveer L, Schultz DC, Lynch HT, Altomare DA, Buetow KH, Daly M, Getts LA, Masny A, Rosenblum N, et al.

Am J Hum Genet. 1994 Oct;55(4):666-77.


Mutation of the nm23 gene, loss of heterozygosity at the nm23 locus and K-ras mutation in ovarian carcinoma: correlation with tumour progression and nm23 gene expression.

Mandai M, Konishi I, Komatsu T, Mori T, Arao S, Nomura H, Kanda Y, Hiai H, Fukumoto M.

Br J Cancer. 1995 Sep;72(3):691-5.


The genetic analysis of ovarian cancer.

Shelling AN, Cooke IE, Ganesan TS.

Br J Cancer. 1995 Sep;72(3):521-7. Review. No abstract available.

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