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Catheter Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation in Females.

Dugo D, Bordignon S, Perrotta L, Fürnkranz A, Julian Chun KR, Schmidt B.

J Atr Fibrillation. 2013 Jun 30;6(1):893. doi: 10.4022/jafib.893. eCollection 2013 Jun-Jul. Review.


Age as a Risk Factor for Stroke in Atrial Fibrillation Patients: Implications in Thromboprophylaxis in the Era of Novel Oral Anticoagulants.

Mitrousi K, Lip GYH, Apostolakis S.

J Atr Fibrillation. 2013 Jun 30;6(1):783. doi: 10.4022/jafib.783. eCollection 2013 Jun-Jul. Review.


Left Atrial Fibrosis: Role in Atrial Fibrillation Pathophysiology and Treatment Outcomes.

Spragg D.

J Atr Fibrillation. 2013 Apr 6;5(6):810. doi: 10.4022/jafib.810. eCollection 2013 Apr-May. Review.


Relationship of Ostial Pulmonary Vein Scar with Reduction in Pulmonary Vein Size after Radiofrequency Ablation for the Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation: An Observational Cohort Study.

Hauser TH, Peters DC, Wylie MV, Lau C, Josephson ME, Manning WJ.

J Atr Fibrillation. 2013 Apr 6;5(6):788. doi: 10.4022/jafib.788. eCollection 2013 Apr-May.


Prediction of Atrial Fibrillation by B-type Natriuretic Peptide.

Takase H, Dohi Y, Sonoda H, Kimura G.

J Atr Fibrillation. 2013 Apr 6;5(6):674. doi: 10.4022/jafib.674. eCollection 2013 Apr-May.


Is An Atrial Defibrillator Still An Option In Treating Patients With Atrial Fibrillation?

Khoury ZE, Bhakta D.

J Atr Fibrillation. 2013 Feb 12;5(5):594. doi: 10.4022/jafib.594. eCollection 2013 Feb-Mar. Review.


AF and Venous Thromboembolism - Pathophysiology, Risk Assessment and CHADS-VASc score.

Shariff N, Aleem A, Singh M, Z Li Y, J Smith S.

J Atr Fibrillation. 2012 Oct 6;5(3):649. doi: 10.4022/jafib.649. eCollection 2012 Oct-Nov. Review.


Atrial Fibrillation Complicating Acute Coronary Syndromes.

Pokorney SD, Rao M, Nilsson KR, Piccini JP.

J Atr Fibrillation. 2012 Oct 6;5(3):611. doi: 10.4022/jafib.611. eCollection 2012 Oct-Nov. Review.


Microwave Ablation in Mitral Valve Surgery for Atrial Fibrillation (MAMA).

Jönsson A, Lehto M, Ahn H, Hermansson U, Linde P, Ahlsson A, Koistinen J, Savola J, Raatikainen P, Lepojärvi M, Sahlman A, Werkkala K, Toivonen L, Walfridsson H.

J Atr Fibrillation. 2012 Aug 20;5(2):432. doi: 10.4022/jafib.432. eCollection 2012 Aug-Sep.


Stroke and Death Prediction with the Impact of Vascular Disease in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation.

Maan A, Shaikh AY, Mansour M, Ruskin JN, Heist EK.

J Atr Fibrillation. 2012 Jun 15;5(1):586. doi: 10.4022/jafib.586. eCollection 2012 Jun-Jul. Review.


The Relationship Between Atrial Fibrillation and Chronic Kidney Disease : Epidemiologic and Pathophysiologic Considerations for a Dual Epidemic.

McManus DD, Saczynski JS, Ward JA, Jaggi K, Bourrell P, Darling C, Goldberg RJ.

J Atr Fibrillation. 2012 Jun 15;5(1):442. doi: 10.4022/jafib.442. eCollection 2012 Jun-Jul. Review.


Collateral Damage During Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation - Lessons Learnt in the Past Decade.

Spragg D.

J Atr Fibrillation. 2012 Feb 2;4(5):478. doi: 10.4022/jafib.478. eCollection 2012 Feb-Mar. Review. No abstract available.


Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation in the Elderly: Current Evidence and Evolving Trends.

Kapa S, Bala R.

J Atr Fibrillation. 2011 Jul 15;4(2):341. doi: 10.4022/jafib.341. eCollection 2011 Jul-Aug. Review.


Electrophysiological Changes of the Atrium in Patients with Lone Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation.

Murdock DK, Reiffel J, Kaliebe J, Larrain G.

J Atr Fibrillation. 2010 Aug 23;3(2):251. doi: 10.4022/jafib.251. eCollection 2010 Aug-Sep.


Is Isolation of Arrhythmogenic Pulmonary Veins Sufficient for the Long-term Efficacy of Atrial Fibrillation Ablation?

Dixit S.

J Atr Fibrillation. 2010 Jun 1;3(1):265. doi: 10.4022/jafib.265. eCollection 2010 Jun-Jul. Review. No abstract available.


Lone AF - Etiologic Factors and Genetic Insights into Pathophysiolgy.

Parvez B, Darbar D.

J Atr Fibrillation. 2010 Jun 1;3(1):236. doi: 10.4022/jafib.236. eCollection 2010 Jun-Jul. Review.


Dabigatran, A Direct Thrombin Inhibitor, In Atrial Fibrillation: Is It Already Time For A Change In Oral Anticoagulation Therapy?

Centurión OA.

J Atr Fibrillation. 2010 Jan 1;2(4):234. doi: 10.4022/jafib.234. eCollection 2010 Jan-Feb. Review. No abstract available.


C-Reactive Protein and The Risk of Atrial Fibrillation: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

Alla VM, Thambidorai S, Anand K, Mooss AN, Baltaro R, Mohiuddin SM.

J Atr Fibrillation. 2010 Jan 1;2(4):225. doi: 10.4022/jafib.225. eCollection 2010 Jan-Feb.


Epicardially Based Pulmonary Vein Isolation for the Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation Utilizing Laser Energy in the Pig Model.

Poa L, Olin J, Wong L, Poa P, Zubiate P, Poa C.

J Atr Fibrillation. 2009 Aug 1;2(2):199. doi: 10.4022/jafib.199. eCollection 2009 Aug-Sep.


Is Cryo a Better Energy Source Than Radiofrequency for AF Ablation in Preventing Esophageal Injury?

Arora PK, Hansen JC, Latchamsetty R, Avitall B.

J Atr Fibrillation. 2009 Apr 1;1(6):172. doi: 10.4022/jafib.172. eCollection 2009 Apr-May. Review. No abstract available.

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