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Neuropsychiatric Burden in Huntington's Disease.

Paoli RA, Botturi A, Ciammola A, Silani V, Prunas C, Lucchiari C, Zugno E, Caletti E.

Brain Sci. 2017 Jun 16;7(6). pii: E67. doi: 10.3390/brainsci7060067. Review.


The Prevalence of Juvenile Huntington's Disease: A Review of the Literature and Meta-Analysis.

Quarrell O, O'Donovan KL, Bandmann O, Strong M.

PLoS Curr. 2012 Jul 20;4:e4f8606b742ef3. doi: 10.1371/4f8606b742ef3.


Current Pharmacological Management in Juvenile Huntington's Disease.

Robertson L, Santini H, O'Donovan KL, Squitieri F, Barker RA, Rakowicz M, Landwehrmeyer GB, Quarrell O.

Version 3. PLoS Curr. 2012 Feb 15 [revised 2012 Jan 1];4:RRN1304.


Body composition in premanifest Huntington's disease reveals lower bone density compared to controls.

Goodman AO, Barker RA.

Version 2. PLoS Curr. 2011 Feb 28 [revised 2011 Jan 1];3:RRN1214.


Crime in Huntington's disease: a study of registered offences among patients, relatives, and controls.

Jensen P, Fenger K, Bolwig TG, Sørensen SA.

J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. 1998 Oct;65(4):467-71.


Molecular analysis of late onset Huntington's disease.

Kremer B, Squitieri F, Telenius H, Andrew SE, Theilmann J, Spence N, Goldberg YP, Hayden MR.

J Med Genet. 1993 Dec;30(12):991-5.


The epidemiology of Huntington's disease in Northern Ireland.

Morrison PJ, Johnston WP, Nevin NC.

J Med Genet. 1995 Jul;32(7):524-30.


Huntington disease: genetics and epidemiology.

Conneally PM.

Am J Hum Genet. 1984 May;36(3):506-26. Review.


Effect of genetic counselling on the prevalence of Huntington's chorea.

Carter CO, Evans KA, Baraitser M.

Br Med J (Clin Res Ed). 1983 Jan 22;286(6361):281-3.


The mutation rate to Huntington's chorea.

Shaw M, Caro A.

J Med Genet. 1982 Jun;19(3):161-7. No abstract available.


The high frequency of juvenile Huntington's chorea in South Africa.

Hayden MR, MacGregor JM, Saffer DS, Beighton PH.

J Med Genet. 1982 Apr;19(2):94-7. No abstract available.


A genetic register system (RAPID).

Emery AE, Elliott D, Moores M, Smith C.

J Med Genet. 1974 Jun;11(2):145-51. No abstract available.


The medical officers of health: myth or history?

Francis HW.

Proc R Soc Med. 1974 Dec;67(12 Pt 1):1247-9. No abstract available.


A familial neurological disease complex in a Bedfordshire community.

Cameron E, Crawford AD.

J R Coll Gen Pract. 1974 Jun;24(143):435-6. No abstract available.


Familial correlations for age at onset and age at death in Huntington's disease.

Brackenridge CJ.

J Med Genet. 1972 Mar;9(1):23-32. No abstract available.


Some mental symptoms in neurology.

Behrman S.

Postgrad Med J. 1971 Feb;47(544):101-7. No abstract available.


Huntington's chorea.

[No authors listed]

Br Med J. 1970 Aug 1;3(5717):238. No abstract available.


Epidemiology and family characteristics of severely-abused children.

Baldwin JA, Oliver JE.

Br J Prev Soc Med. 1975 Dec;29(4):205-21.


The prevalence of Huntington's chorea in an area of East Anglia.

Caro AJ.

J R Coll Gen Pract. 1977 Jan;27(166):41-5.

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